105 QSOs above the clouds: Activating Pico Bejenado (EA8/LP-003 - 10 pts)

Sorry about the typo but as I often (mis)quote “even Homer nods”!

40k Chaser points or approximately 800,000 repetitions of “echo alpha two”! :wink:


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wrong again :-/

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Yes, very well marked. La Palma is a popular hikers destination and the authorities have invested in really good signs.

I loaded the Garmin GPS with the Spain Topo map pack and took this trail map. These both served me well.

Yes, I turned off the Preamp due to the strong signals and indeed forgot to turn it back on for Tuesday’s 6m UKAC :frowning:

I used the same author/company trail map when I was on Madeira, good value for money.

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Yep, sure - but it shows that you know who I mean!

NATO phonetics are so ingrained into me that I can’t get them wrong when I try!


Of course… :^F

Hello James,

I have been doing some log tidying so have been looking at activator logs.

Thanks for the prompt upload of all your logs for the EA8 expedition - very interesting reading as regards propagation across various bands/locations.


No problem Mike, I like to upload them as soon as possible, no point hanging about :wink: