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100th unique

I took the opportunity of a little work in Taunton to pop up Staple Hill (G/SC-004) yesterday before driving home. The activation started well with a very friendly “QSO” with a farmer in the nearby North Down Plantation who was very interested in what I was doing and who I’d be speaking to. 2m produced no takers, but 20m got a fairly quick response from Vermont USA much to my surprise on 12W and a short vertical! No other takers, so I tried 40m which was quite busy but heavy QRN. 2 contacts - Italy (quite rare for me) and a S2S with Portugal (just as I was thinking of giving up!). I finally managed to get a 4th QSO with a local station on 2m to seize the point!
When I entered my log I realised it had also been my 100th unique activation.
So quality rather than quantity yesterday. Thanks as ever to those who worked me


Bit late in day for us locals.
Did see the spot but no Joy, 80m might have been better.


Yes sorry Karl. I thought of 60m, but it was too cold to faff around with the extra coil and counter poise!
I’ll hopefully have more time next time

I’ve scraped the four QSOs together like you describe for several new unique summit activations. Actually, more than several - blinking loads! So I know that feeling of frustration combined with anxiety - and that of utter relief when the 4th comes in - all too well.

G/SC is a lovely SOTA region too. Really enjoyed completing that one on a camping tour with the lads back in 2010.


Well done Andy on the 100th, as long as you qualified is enough,yes perhaps next time on 80 or 60 be pleased to work you on either. 73 Don.G0RQL.

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Ya won’t hear me on 60m as yet LOL


Impressive milestone, Andy! I am shooting for 100 uniques, but probably won’t get there any time soon.

Peter KD0YOB