100mW QRPp SSB Activation Video of Montana Negra (EA8/LA-010)

Well I’m getting through uploading my activation videos from EA8 now and I’m rather proud of this one. The summit itself is a small one pointer but the QSO I captured in the video is pretty special to me.

Activating on 10m I decided to try some QRPp contacts using just 100mW out and managed to work a few G stations including @G4OBK and G0UIH (featured in the video here). Conditions on 10m were obviously very good and later this same day I worked WD9Q on 400mW and K2JB on 500mW from Guardilama (EA8/LA-004)

James EA8/M0JCQ/P


I’m quite a fan of low power operating; it’s always a rush to have a station come back to your call at such minuscule power. 100mW on SSB is quite impressive, glad you posted the video. GL on the hills.
72 - Bob

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Thanks Bob - you’re right, it was a rush and still is! Just shows that when conditions are right QRP is all you need - conversely I operated in a 6m contest this week where conditions were dire and I (for the first time) considered life too short for QRP :wink:

HA, I’ve said the same thing. At times you can’t get a contact to save your life, other times it seems like you can’t miss. A few weeks ago I was trying to work K1N on 160m at 100w, just sitting in the pile up, calling and calling with no luck. The following week I ended up stuck in a snowstorm at my work QTH in Albany, with nothing more than a K1 and a 44’ doublet. Finding K1N on 20m, I started listening to the stations he was working, adjusting the split a bit below or a bit above, depending on where he was going in the pile up. I was into hour 2 when I finally got him, when I heard W2CKL/QRP TU, I was in shock. HA. QRP does seem to be a game of strategy. Maybe this will lead to another SOTA Milliwatt challenge?

Rather special, when your being worked at 1 watt was so cool for that day, brings out a smile on ya face , No doubt a bigger one at QRPp


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QRO activation with 2.5w.


I’d not seen this one before Steve. Thanks for the mention on the locks, it used to be like that on NW-044 before the rotating padlock mechanism was installed, brings back memories of the mid 90’s.