10000 chaser points

This evening I will celebrate my 10000 chaser point. The lucky one that brought me to this point was OK2BWB/p, so thanks to you Karel ! He was on summit OK/VY-059 with 559 both ways, on 40meter.
Thanks to all activators , and chasers. I will go on picking up more points , be sure.
AS a chaser I am using ICOM-746 , with 80-100watts. Antenna is Windom FD4 , and an old 3el. beam ( 10-15-20m )TH3MK3 from HY-GAIN. The beam is about 40years old, but still working fine.
And : I am model 1944, retired, and got my first licens in 1981.
Looking forward to hear you all again .

Congratulations Terje on achieving the Super Sloth.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Hello Tjerje
But I’m really sad to wait time to give the 20000th point :-).
Best 73 and thank again for your call.
Yours Andre - f5ukl

Congratulations Terje.
Thanks for 16 contacts on 4 different bands.
73 Joerg

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Welcome to the ten thousand club! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?


Brian G8ADD

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Congratulations Terje!

Glad to have played a very small part in you reaching your impressive score!

Vy 73 es hpe cuagn on 30m.


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Congratulations Terje,
and thanks for the contacts. It is always a pleasure
to hear your signal on a summit.

Good luck and c u soon !
Martin df3mc

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Hi Terje,
I find out in my log 50 contacts with you to now, also 12 qso with my other calls. Very thanks for all our QSO and see you from some next summit. Congrats your success!
Petr OK1EQ

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Congrats Terje! What’s your next objective?

73, Peter - ON4UP

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Congratulations Terje!

                73  DX  Pista   HA5TI

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Congratulations on becoming a Super-Sloth Terge


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It is a great pleasure for me to help you in breaking the first 10000 chaser points!
Before our today’s QSO:

Good luck!



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Congratulations Terje. The first super shack slot in Norway. Always a pleasure to hear you on the air and have a qso. Hope to meet you again soon and maybe also have a joint activation? Good luck in the chasing and activation.
de Aage (Åge)

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Congratulations, Terje!

I can see from my log I have worked you from summits some 5 times. Just “a grain of sand in the desert” compared to your chaser points. But I’m allways glad to have a QSO in ssb when activating summits. Thank you,and have fun in the future chasing and activating!

73 de Halvard.

In reply to LA1DNA:
Thanks to all of you.
I will go on chasing more points , may be 20000 is possible ?
I like to work portable qrp stations . And I give reports after what I can hear, not after the S-meter.( well, sometimes the S-meter ). If I hear a weak station without problems , and the S-meter is not moving at all , I can not give rst 509. I give rst 539. If some problem I give rst 339.
And of course I will activate summits around my area this year also, and try to activate some " new summit ".
Looking forward to work you many times all of you.
73 de Terje , LA8BCA

Bravo Terje !
Tanks for all QSO, cosly without chasers, no QRP portable …
C u next