100 uniques today

hi all

congrats to ROB G4RQJ and the ever present AUDREY

73s vmz

In reply to GW0VMZ:

Congratulations Rob on your 100 uniques and for all the ones that you have given me, and not forgetting Audrey as well, well done.

Terry G0VWP

In reply to GW0VMZ:

Congrats Rob, well done to you and Audrey.

all the very best


Congratulations Rob & Audrey. How many egg butties did it take?

73 John GW4BVE

Well done Rob and Audrey, good luck with the next 100!

73 de Paul G4MD

Excellent achievement Rob and Audrey. Can’t say that I’ve ever tried egg butties on my sorties… some would say I haven’t lived!

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:
Thanks for all the kind words lads; we could not do it without you. Sorry that the Watch Hill activation was cut short. The wind was very high on the summit and the descent slippery and steep although among trees. Don’t recommend ascent through the woods unless you can find a better path than we did. Steep, slippery and full of mountain bikers, Fair enough the area is dedicated to them but the resultant tracks are very very slippery. Audrey fell on the way down but no damage apart from dignity:)
John. We have done 361 activations and allowing that a few were multi summit Audrey has made about 350 sets of egg butties. We always have them, creatures of habit. Bet the hens are mad:) Audrey will send you the egg buttie recipe if you need it Gerald hihi.
Again thanks and hope to catch you all from the next one
Rob and Audrey