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10 S5/BR Summits adventure

10 S5/BR SOTA Summits in 24 hours

Tomorrow , Saturday 06.06.2009, I will try this adventure with my MTB. Intension is to activate 10 S5/BR Summits in just one day. The weather forecast is very bad, and if there will be too much rain I will cancel the adventure during the day.

QRG: 7.032/7.033 MHz alternate/QRM escape 10.118/10.119 MHz CW

Shedule Timetable:

summit name — ref.# ------ - local time ---- GMT

  1. Poljane — S5/BR-028 — 00:30-01:00 — 22:30-23:00
  2. Kaštelir — S5/BR-034 — 03:00-03:30 — 01:00-01:30
    -----------Summit NOT YET in Database, but is OK in new S5 ARM 1.04 from 1.june 2009
  3. Tinjan ---- S5/BR-033 — 05:00-05:30 — 03:00-03:30
    -----------Summit NOT YET in Database, but is OK in new S5 ARM 1.04 from 1.june 2009
  4. Golic -------- S5/BR-015 — 07:00-07:30 — 05:00-05:30
  5. Slavnik ------ S5/BR-012 — 10:00-10:30 — 08:00-08:30
  6. Sv.Servul ---- S5/BR-019 — 13:00-13:30 — 11:00-11:30
  7. V.Gradišce — S5/BR-021 — 16:00-16:30 — 14:00-14:30
  8. Stari tabor — S5/BR-024 — 19:00-19:30 — 17:00-17:30
  9. Vremšcica — S5/BR-013 — 21:00-21:30 — 19:00-19:30
    10.Ter ----------- S5/BR-022 — 23:00-23:30 — 21:00-21:30

More info on http://s53x.blog.siol.net/

73 & HPE CU
de Miloš, S53X

In reply to S53X:


It looks impressive. Good luck!



In reply to S53X:
Be careful Milos !

Good luck

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to S53X:

Great Milos!

I hope you´re clean and dont use any recipes of Dr.Fuentes :wink:

The only allowed doping on SOTA is “Morsolin” and “Ham-spirit”.

The wx-forecast for tomorrow is bad in DL-land, I hope
you are more lucky in S5-land.

Vy73 Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

In reply to S53X:

Good Luck with the expedition and the weather Milos.

With the weekend contests / CW Field Day and general QRM
you might consider starting on a clear spot around 10118 KHz
first, them moving down to the weekend mayhem of 7032.


In reply to S53X:
Hi Miloš !

That’s great Idea ! I am already wainting for the film !
10 summits in a day ! by mountain bike ! that is a record !
I did not see in the database a such expedition like that !
So good luck, I gonna put transeiver in car and try to give you report !

Hope to contact monday from our island F/CR-268 !

best regards

Bob - F5HTR

In reply to F5HTR

Has anyone any news / info about Milos S53X, on his 10 summit expedition?

I heard him active on the first SOTA at 2215 UTC last night, then again at 0800 this morning, but nothing heard or spotted since then. Propagation seems poor on 40 and 30m today.

He has now missed two SOTA ETA’s.


In reply to G4SSH:

Hello Roy,

Milos S53X canceled his further activations after the fourth activation due to the heavy rain and strong wind. He is OK at home with his wife now.

73, Milos S57D

In reply to S57D:

Many thanks for that info Milos.

It is always a major decision to cancel a planned expedition, but one that is always understood by the chasers.

It is a relief to know that he is home.


In reply to DL4FDM:
Sri Fritz, not Morsolin, but Champagne…

Well it seems that Milos is now OK at home, fine !
Next time will be better.

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

I´ve waited for that (J´ai attendu pour ca…) hi hi
A bientôt á Friedrichshafen cher Alain.

Meilleurs 73 de Fritz, UFT149

Better luck next time Milos. Activating in rain is not fun. That is why Jimmy M3EYP and I are at home today, and not in Snowdonia.

Look forward to your next activation.