10 Points Summit tour - what a walk! ;-)

As I just finished writing my blogentry about our tour on 2500m 10 Points Summit Breithorn from yesterday 4.10.2010 - feel free to read:

and also watch the pictures here:

73 de Wolfgang,OE2WNL

In reply to OE2WNL:
Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for a very interesting read. I can’t imagine doing an 8000 footer and you took QRO up too. The UK SOTA’s are bad enough at half the height! I have had days that long but never climbed to that altitude. The cross came in handy but it sounds like snow conditions were quite tricky. Well done to you and your YL; you will be talking about that one for a long time to come. You really earned your 10-points!

Regards, John G4YSS.