I am writing this text after no success in QSO with F8FEO at 30m. (10.122)
As I wrote earlier, I give up a little while chasing, as the weather is better I choose other activities … but I want to appeal for something.
Propagation is getting worse. Signals are getting weaker and more disturbing.
Chasers can not do much about it, but activators should better choose QRG and read what the hunters write in the spots (many have such a possibility) because in the mountains there is usually not more disturbance.
I live in a large human population where t I have noises on on average s8! (on 80 m s9+).
Fortunately, most of the typical QRG SOTA 5.354.5 7.032, 10.118, 14.062, 14.285 are not heavily disturbed by internet devices, cable TV and computers.
I have a request to colleagues from “F”: do not use QRG 10.121-10.122 here are disruptions from internet routers and cable TV. Is there not interference in “F”?
Maybe there are no hunters in cities (in F)? After all, in these networks we have mainly yours (F) technology…

I wonder when there is more stress?
If I’m in the city and I get up to 80% of stations that I hear in my noises,
if I am in the field, for example, in my mountain cabin or in a car parked in a forest where I hear everything but I am geting only 40% of stations…(because they do not hear me…)

I have special thanks to those colleagues like / G0EVV / who can pick my QRP even though I can only hear them because they use more power than I do. Good ears !!
Regards, 73
Mariusz sp9amh

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Same symptoms here at my home QTH - just that I just chase for fun, hi.

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Choice of QRG is a tricky one, but when it’s a CW activation, I bless the activators who do not put themselves somewhere right bang on N.0kHz . . .

QRGs like 7032.0 or 14060.0 are often QRM hell, but heaven may well be less than a hundred Hertz away. Not always, of course, but nine times out of ten…