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10/07/2019 IW2OBX/P WRONG REF.

Dear Friends,
Today during the short activation on 20 meters band cw, I sent wrong reference I/LO-192,instead of I/LO-129, correctly written on sotawatch. I probably sufferd from long hike and hot wx.
I’m sorry…



Ciao Roberto,
Grazie per il QSO questa matina.
I saw the spot raised by RBNHole with reference I/LO-129 but I heard you sending the I/LO-192, which put me in doubt. That’s why I asked you for the reference when we made our QSO. When you sent again I/LO-192, I assumed that was right and you may had made an error when writing the reference in the alert, which is the information RBNHole takes for the automatic spots, so I sent a spot for you informing of the reference you had just sent twice. I see now what the problem was and I hope my spot will not confuse too many chasers.
Thanks for the clarification. My log has just been corrected.
Ciao e 73,


Hi Guru,
I heard you asked me for confirmation of the reference, but I didn’t pay attention to the sequence of numbers. I was sure that the reference that I wrote on my paper-logbook was correct.
muchas gracias a Ti.

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Dear Roberto,
errors sometimes happen!
IK2LEY warned all the italian friends and I confirmed
you were on Mt. Grigna (Grignone as we all call it here).
Please don’t worry and keep on doing your great work!
We all admire your SOTA activity.

Martino IU2IJW

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