0500Z 30Sept2019 - looking for 34 contacts

I am looking for 34 contacts on the 30th. I will stay up there (weather depending) to hopefully crack them ( I am happy to not be 34 “SOTA” qualifying contacts such as the same call on multiple bands). I did it last year - only for 33 as I try and get one contact for every year I have walked this earth! Yes the 30th is my birthday.

Hope to work you… This is the summit that has produced a number of VK<>EU contacts at gray line so get up early :smiley:


I am sure that you will manage to get the 34 contacts Wade. I wouldn’t want to be number 35 as I’m sure you will be off to celebrate with friends and family. :grinning:

P.S. I won’t be taking up this challenge. Achieving 68 contacts from a summit next February would probably end my SOTA activity for good!


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