05-05-2012 DG3ABM/P - 40m band

Did anyone work Thomas DG3ABM/P yesterday? I seem to have mislaid the SOTA reference 8-( I spoke with him yesterday at 1635hrs on freq. 7.140. Thanks Mike.

In reply to G6TUH:
It was DM/NS-123

SotaWatch maintains the last 72 hours of Spots. Press ‘More Spots’ and then at the bottom there are buttons for last 24 hours, 48 and 72 hours

Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:

SOTAwatch actually maintains more than 72 hours - if you look at the web header you will see the end of the address is the time period. Change this to a larger figure and re-initialise the page (for want of a better expression), then you get records going back further. Very useful if you’ve been away on an expedition for a week and you want to see who spotted you when you get back!

73, Gerald G4OIG

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You live and learn! Thanks, Gerald, that is something really useful to know.


Brian G8ADD

Thanks all. I will have to be more exploring of the facilities!