03/04/05-Oct-19 SOTA/GMA Experience Expedition

Hi there,

in order to gain more portable radio experience with my newly upgraded full licencse (from novice license) I’m currently planning a small 3-day expedition in the South-East of Germany, regions DM/BM and OK/PL, mainly in the north-west quadrant of JN69.

Just one hour drive from home and no real hiking challenges, so I can really focus on activations.

My plan is to activate 2 SOTA summits each day plus a few nice GMA summits. Will experience different summit settings (naked landscape, forest, observation towers, rocky outcrops) and will see how I can cope with that, using my FT-817 (5W) and a linked dipole for 20m/40m.

Current plan - subject to change - for the SOTA summits looks like this:
THU 03-Oct: DM/BM-337 Hesserberg (6 pts) & DM/BM-321 Fahrenberg (8 pts) & 2…3 GMA summits
FRI 04-Oct: DM/BM-174 Platte (10 pts) & DM/BM-339 Rauher Kulm (6 pts) & 1…2 GMA summity
SAT 05-Oct: DM/BM-323 Entenbuehl (10 pts) & OK/PL-039 Jezvinec (4 pts) & 2 GMA summits

At least for the GMA activations I will also try to be active on 2m FM plus - on 05-Oct, for the GMAC S2S Weekend - on 2m SSB.

Let’s see how things work out and if I’m able to manage SOTA pile-ups :wink:

73 de Thomas DBLL


Sorry, I need to postpone this activity due to personal illness. No good idea to hike up several hills in cold weather while suffering from a flu…

Will try some spontaneous activitations during that timeframe if recovered in time.

Plans are still available and will be followed-up sometime later.

I wish you a good and prompt recovery!


Thanks for the good wishes; I recovered somewhat and was able to activate 3 easy summits in our region today (DM/BM-351, -217, -378). Very nice experience with a lots of friendly chasers! 44 QSOs, mainly on 40m. Rain showers around me, but not above me :wink: