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WSJT v2 beta released and details


Here is some information about version 2.


A quick scan didn’t suggested it will be any better for SOTA so maybe other smarter people can review and comment…

Paul M/W6PNG


I would say that having ‘/P’ possible for callsigns is helpful to identify potential activators at least in ITU region 1.

Not sure what this will bring:

6. A special "telemetry" message format for exchange of arbitrary
   information up to 71 bits

In the example provided it looks like freetext:

 0.5      123456789ABCDEF012                  Telemetry (71 bits, 18 hex digits)

so it could potentially allow SOTA references (and other awards like WWFF/IOTA/COTA) but that’s just a guess.

73 Joe


There’s a new release (0.6) of FT8CALL just come out as well - it sends multiple overs to send freeform text - this one you have to join the Groups.io group to be able to download it.



this doc. explains everything and should be read ++++


73, de Bruno F6HHK


A key point in there is that JT has asked that the JT9/FT8CALL frequencies should be used (7.078 & 14.078 MHz) rather than the normal FT8 ones while testing the new features of FT8 v 2.0. I wonder what the JT9/FT8CALL users feel about that ??

73 Ed.


As its not backwards compatible with the old FT-8 I guess we all should upgrade to remain workable?


RC1 and RC2 of V 2.00 WSJT-x FT8 are still backwards compatible - the final version (or RC3 if there is one) will not be. So at the moment, it is not mndatory to update unless you want to use the new features (such as /P on a callsign) and these will only wo5rk if the other station si already using v 2.00.

I’ve upgraded to WSJT-x v 2.00RC1 and had a contact with a station who was still using V 1.91 and I had no problems.

73 Ed.


I’m not sure why but WSJT-x v 2.0RC1 has just been “released” 7 hours ago on Sourceforge as opposed to the Princeton website - As far as I can see, this appears to be the same version - perhaps this is simply the more “public” release action?



NEW VERSION: WSJTx - V 2.00 rc2 Is here … https://sourceforge.net/projects/wsjt/files/

Perhaps the previous RC1 release from Sourceforge should really have been this one?

There doesn’t appear to be any changes in the release notes for 2.00 RC2 over RC1 so I’m not sure what has changed - often this is only announced the day after release.

73 Ed.


There are 7 bug fixes in RC2 over RC1, Ed. One of the bugs in RC1 was hit regularly using the VI2MARCONI call. RC2 fixed that and has been running smoothly here. The bugs were deemed serious enough to rush out RC2 ahead of schedule.
Download from: http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html
RC2 bugfix details: here

73, Gerard - VK2IO


Thanks Gerard, I should have thought to check the Princeton site, but my alerts come from Sourceforge - hopefully the release notes there will be updated soon (if not already done).

73 Ed.


RC3 of this v 2.00 software was released this evening on Sourceforge.


     Release: WSJT-X 2.0-rc3
	        October 15, 2018

Changes from WSJT-X Version 2.0.0-rc1 include the following:

  • Improved SNR calculation for FT8
  • Test grid4 (not grid6) for matches in ADIF log
  • Auto-generate 77-bit messages for callsigns with /R or /P
  • Fix auto-sequencing for “CQ ABC …”, “CQ ABCD …”, etc.
  • Fix the “CQ RU RU …” bug
  • Implement AP decoding for contest messages and for Hound
  • Check Field Day and RTTY Roundup exchanges for validity
  • Implement “Select next caller” and use of “TU; …” messages
  • Option to “auto log” in contests
  • Real-time display of contest log
  • Contest exchanges sent to ADIF log and N1MM+
  • Function to export Cabrillo log
  • Convert DXpedition mode to always use 77-bit messages
  • Fix bug associated with opening “houndcallers.txt”
  • Remove end-of-line numbers from MSK144 decodes
  • Finish MSK144 encoding/decoding for Sh msgs and nonstandard calls
  • Halt Tx before resetting power after Tune
  • Auto update of LoTW info, and faster program startup