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Wrong Ref oops!


Hi all, despite leaving home in bright sunshine by the time I got to the summit it was raining quite heavily. I was not prepared for the rain thinking I could get a quick activation in when visiting my son. I was on GI/SM-018 NOT GI/SM-015 it was a case of wet thick fingers, trying to shield the phone from the rain and steamed up glasses, I obviously hit the 5 instead of 8 on the keypad.

I was saying all the right things SM/-018 WAB C40 and trig TR3070 but only realised the mistake when I got home - apologies for any inconvenience.

The rain is enroute :open_mouth:




Thanks Victor for today, your patience and for venturing onto SSB - good stuff.
Have a good w/e. Will amend log. Sorry for my poor report to you…


Just did it for the WAB trig people, although I was asked for some CW but it was so wet I didn’t want to get the kit out from under the rain cover of the rucksack.
I left home without any wet weather gear expecting the sunshine to prevail but in this country I should have known better. Luckily when I got back to the Land Rover there was a boiler suit in the back otherwise I would have had a long drive home in saturated clothes!




Naughty boy pass me the cane :smile:
Thanks for letting us know now off to correct all me logs :open_mouth:

:smiley: Karl


Hi Victor,
Well we chasers should note the SOTA reference given on air and not rely on the one in SOTAWatch. That doesn’t mean that we should ask for it in every contact, rather that we should listen for when you give it out (as you were doing from what you say). When I activate, I often quote the SOTA reference within my CQ call. Of course if someone asks for it on air, I will also give it out.

  • Karl perhaps that cane should be for the chasers that don’t listen, rather than an activator that mistypes a location in a self-spot.



Perhaps :smile: But at least he has decency to pop up and let us know it happen. Trouble is when it get busy your trying to crank through the stations during pile ups it can slip.

But this is good honest people within the spirit keeping its honest and yet us chasers well when there,s many on the watch and were chasing them do we hang about to confirm things :smirk: . Plus had Mike pop up on band to call to me as I was finishing off with another UK Sota. The Spot was wrong so called back to the activator to confirm his Sota number and it was sorted.
But also noted in past when wrong spot goes up its on the spot as well as tend to keep eye on it.

Thank god for Tippex. :heart_eyes: