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WG0AT NA's latest Mtn Goat


Congrats, Steve! Along with the well deserved glass, you should get an oscar. for your fantastic videos. Thanks for explaining what we do in a way that inspires people to join in. 73, Walt


Hi Steve, I would like to congratulate. I like to remember our common activation of W0C/FR-063. Greetings to peanut!
Take care!


congrats Steve. Now you are one with the goats. thanks for all the contacts and all the best to you


Congrats Steve and welcome to the herd! Your videos inspired many of us to take on this aspect of ham radio. So, I must say “thanks so much” for all your hard work, inspiration, and entertaining/informative videos!!
Mike NS1TA (formerly W6AH)


Congrats Steve, welcome to the Goat heard, I have to admit it is really fun!!:hugs::sunglasses:


WOW! Overwhelming to say the least, Folks!

Thank you all for the kind kudos, comments and support! SOTA is surely a fun aspect of the is great world wide hobby we all enjoy. Seriously I’m thrilled and honored to be part of it!

Or should I tell the truth and just say I’m addicted to SOTA and having more fun than is allowed for us adults! You know it’s not often one’s hobbies come together in a perfect storm. Somehow I’ve stumbled onto blending goats, radios, navigation, hiking, survival skills, photography/video production via SOTA into something I get to share with family, friends and even public. It’s very rewarding and FUN! Thank you!

Often on the trail I hear from hikers asking “are those goats?” Now I can truthfully say “Why yes! …we’re all Goats here! Any questions?” :joy:

No stopping here with just the MG-milestone! …will continue on the trail to more summits, learning the ways of goats, mountains, radios-antennas and a world of ham radio kindred spirits! S O T A !

73, Steve/wGOAT


Just awesome to see that milestone reached, Steve! Well done! Your videos were the first ones I saw as I looked into joining SOTA–thanks so much!

Mike AC0PR


Nice job and well done!


You perhaps more than anyone are the face and spirit of SOTA in North America. Congrats to reaching your first one thousand. May there be many thousands more! A special hat tip to Rooster and Peanut.

  • fred kt5x (aka WS0TA)


I wonder how many points were earned on activations that Peanut was on? Is he a Mountain Goat goat yet?


Congratulations Steve… You are an inspiration to all of us in the hobby. Look forward to working you again. Richard N6PKT


Yes, Steve add my congratulations to the others. Always good to get you in the log.
73 Tom


Very congrats, Steve.



Hi Steve, my congratulations also to you for reaching the Mountain Goat milestone. Like others I saw your videos with Rooster and Peanut going up some of your local mountains to play radios which eventually led to me getting the SOTA bug as well. It was a sad day when I heard that Rooster had passed away, but great to see that you ended up getting Peanut another companion to keep him company.

I haven’t had a contact with you yet, but it is on the list of things I would like to complete. Unfortunately it is difficult to get NA summits from VK (I have only one NA summit in the log), but when conditions improve hopefully that will change.

All the best on your continued SOTA adventures!



I couldn’t have put it more concise Steve within this wonderful hobby of ours (though maybe without the goats in my case - baaa! :stuck_out_tongue:) Congrats from an old time goat!




Congratulations Steve.


Well done Steve!

Our first QSO so many years ago while you were on W0C/FR-063 inspired me to get involved with SOTA. I suppose we could say you are responsible for the W4V association being started.

I’m going to be a late bloomer in the Mountain Goat ranks. I retire early next year and hopefully have more time to hit the mountains. What size boot do you wear? I need to be sure I follow the right set of tracks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the Qs along the way.

73, Chuck K4QS


I’d like to join the large and loud chorus of so many of your SOTA brethren and say congratulations Steve. And like so many others I was motivated to become active in SOTA by watching your activation exploits on your well-produced videos. It is always a pleasure to work you and I look forward to doing so in the future.

Thanks for all you have done to promote SOTA in NA. You were/are truly one of the pioneers!

Randy, ND0C


Steve, Congratulations on MG!!! I am sure it was an epic activation!


Congrats Steve!