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Wanted - MFD


Due to the fact that my old faithful RSS 2m portable aerial is no its last legs I am looking for a 2m Multi Function Dipole (MFD). Unfortunately SotaBeams no longer produces this aerial!

If anyone has one spare or that they don’t use and would like to sell it please PM me the cost including shipping to Southampton.

Many thanks


Not sure what the “Function” in Multi-Function-Dipole refers to but while searching around I came across this 2m dipole from a UK manufacturer:



It is very easy to make one. Probably why SOTAbeams stopped.



I think Mickey 2E0YYY sells a copy of the SOTAbeams MFD at rallies.


Hi Glyn, I made a dipole using a couple of telescopic antennas (the type used for receiving FM broadcast stations), a dipole centre and a length of PVC conduit cut into 3 pieces for ease of packing in to the rucksack. It can easily be used vertical or horizontal as the base of each antenna can be rotated 360 degrees and angled through 180 degrees. It can also be use whilst walking, mounted in the rucksack, the same as a MFD and because it’s telescopic you can use it for 70cm by altering the length of the antenna.




Look at

I use that antenna 5 years (with FT817 or TH7F) and have 2415 SOTA points …

Miro OM7SM


John,Thank you for this interesting info. I would like to make one of these. Do you have details that would help please. My son Sven 2E1CAF is wanting to make his first summit activation and we are looking for an antenna similar to the Sotabeams MFD.
Thank you,


Very easy to make and willing to help but away now for LD and NP.


Thanks Rod. Very much appreciated. Enjoy your trip in LD and NP land.


The newly published RSGB book “SOTA Explained” contains step-by-step details for building such an antenna.


Thanks for that Tom. I shall get a copy.


Try this clip it may help to build an MFD, save your pennies for other accessories.



I think a quick search using Google or some such will show you plenty of plans for these antennas without having to buy a copy of the book.

Anyway, you can see this how to clone video on youtube which shows what is involved.


Ha! Snap! 2 posts almost the same :slight_smile:


Thank you Graeme and Andy for the very helpful video link.