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WA7JTM Reaches Triple Mountain Goat During W7A 10 Point S2S Madness


Congratulations to Pete, WA7JTM, for achieving TRIPLE GOAT status with 3000 Activator Points. He reached the final 10 points during the W7A 10 Point S2S Madness event.




Happy for you on your 3,000 Mountain Goat day. Glad to work you Pete. The propagation gods were kind on Sunday. de Scotty KG3W


Congratulations, Pete! Great event to reach this milestone! Dave, AE9Q


Excellent! Congratulations on the triple! Great to work you on my triple summit weekend for your triple goat! 73 de K7MK


Pete -

Congratulations! It seems fitting that your S2S event coincided with your own milestone!

Likewise, you are in my logs for yesterday - thanks for the 10 points! You had a strong signal on 40M CW, and it was fun finding you early in my session!




Excellent Pete! Those legs never give out. Congrats.
Charlie NJ7V


Thanks guys. It’s been fun hiking all 361 summits…

Someday, when I retire, maybe I can start to get serious about activating more often.

Hi Hi

So many mountains…so little time.




Congratulations Pete, triple goat is an amazing achievement


Way to go, Pete! Congratulations on your Triple Goat and thanks for organizing the fun S2S 10-point Madness event!



Retire? Sounds dangerous. See you for the gathering.

Best, Ken and Kay


Congrats Pete!,

Thanks for letting me tag along with you on some of your peaks



Congrats Pete! And thanks for all you do for SOTA in Arizona!
Chris K7TAB


Great job Pete, 3000 points equals a lot of vertical feet both up and down. Thanks for the activations.
73 GL


Congratulations Pete, it’s always great to work you whether it is S2S or not. I’m looking forward to catching you on some of your next 361 summits :smile: .
Malcolm VE2DDZ


Triple Hip Hip Hooray’s for you Pete! Now, onward and upward … de Woody/K1LB


Congrats Pete.


My next 361 peaks!!!

…DOH…I better get busy!




Congrats! Pete :slight_smile: Good to work you! - - . . . . . . - - - Kris


Congratulations Pete! And thanks for putting together the S2S extravaganza - it as a lot of fun.


Mike - ke5akl


An achievement like that really requires a long-term dedication to SOTA, Pete. I’m sure you have had many fantastic adventures along the way. Congratulations, and thanks for not only activating so many summits but also serving the community in your role as W7A Manager!

Keith KR7RK