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W7RV now over 100K chaser points


A final thank you to all who took the time to respond. I know we are all busy, so I really appreciate the kind comments. 73 / and see you again in the pileups.

Tommy W7RV


Congrats on a Big Milestone Tommy!



Many thanks for the chases. I’ve been on 136 summits and you are in my log for 50 of them! Always glad to here your call - a good fist, easy to read; powerful signal easy to copy.


Amazing dedication! Almost in all of my activations and always a big signal! Most of them are S9+10 or 20. Always looking forward and sometimes scared to hear Tommy on the other end - have a feeling one day i am going to loose my hearing or my pants will be blown away :slight_smile: But always appreciate when he is there! Thank you W7RV!


Congratulations! You always have such a nice signal up here in Montana - I looked in my log - you’re in there 149 times, including my very first activation in 2014- back before I knew how to spot myself. Today’s qso makes 150 once its logged! I look forward to working you on the next one.

Rob - AE7AP


Congrats Tommy,
You and I have had many Q’s and I certainly look forward to many more. You’re always there for me especially when I struggle to make it out west on 20 meters. My activating is complete with you in my log.

Thank you OM…

72/73 de Dennis


Lotta careful listening and lotta keystrokes there!
Thanks so much for the times you were there when activators needed that last contact.

Best, Ken


Well done Tommy.
I hope we chat soon.



Thanks for Chasing me on many of my Activations. I hear you in there chasing all the time with good sigs into W2. Congratulations on a terrific achievement.

Bruce W2SE


We are in awe of your huge number! Sorry to be late with this.
Merle & Herm


Congratulations Tommy, Fantastic work.
I’m just a beginner on SOTA but opening my radio you’re always the first.
I don’t know how do you do this?
In one case your were the only one who could reach me.
73 de W7AMR


Congratulations Tommy! 142 times in my log. I can always count on your strong 599 sig coming in on my whisper of a wire. 72’s Dean ~ K2JB


Truly an honor to know you Tommy. Thanks for all the help on the summit’s. 196 in a logs and counting. Congratulations.
Charlie NJ7V


Wow! 100k is a huge accomplishment Tommy; congrats! Often, the remoteness of mountain summits prevents spotting via cell services, yet you always find me and draw the others to my frequency to help me make that summit a success. Sincerely, I thank you for your commitment to the “team effort” of SOTA fun!