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W7RV now over 100K chaser points


Truly an amazing achievement Tommy! I suspect you are the top Chaser for quite a few Activators. Thanks for always being there!

73 de KR7RK


100K! WOW! That’s a lot of work pulling marginal signals out of the mud. But I must admit, its awful good to hear that W7RV call from AZ every time I’m on some backwoods summit in the middle of nowhere. Congratulations Tommy! CU down the log.
Dean ~ K2JB


Well done Tommy.

I think you have chased me over 80 times and have definitely helped me get past 4 contacts on occasion when I wondered if the activation would be bust.



Congratulations Tommy. I almost replied to the old post from July 2016 citing that you had reached 60K points! As a small-time activator, your persistence is appreciated. You are in the log for 22 of my 26 activations. As a fellow chaser, I often use your signal to direct me to the action. Thanks.
Don, AC7P


Congratulations, Tommy! Always a great signal out of Arizona even when the band seems dead! #2 in the USA and #12 in the world…not too shabby!

73, Walt


Congratulations, Tommy, on the milestone achievement! Thank you for your dedication to the SOTA program and to all of us activators, including myself, whom you have faithfully supported over the years. We look forward to hearing you from the summits for many years to come! Paul K9PM


Great going Tommy! A lot of seat time, my friend. You always have a strong signal. Good luck going forward.

Phil, NS7P


Holy Moly that’s a lotta chasing! Congrats and kudo’s Tommy! 73 Karen


Great job Tommy. Talk about But In Chair time, awesome!

73, Todd KH2TJ


Well done sir! You are the top chaser in my log as well (30 times). Greatly appreciate all the contacts, and its always a pleasure to hear your call BOOMING in.


-Josh WU7H


I only need three Q’s to nail a summit. Because W7RV is in the bank!

Thanks for the chase and congrats!

John N0EVH


Greetings from the desolate Black Hole of the southwest desert, Many thanks to fellow SOTA enthusiasts, chasers and activators. Especially activators, because without them, there would be no chasers. I would like to acknowledge my top 5 most chased activators. KX0R is tops, in my log 746 times. Rare is a day without George/Carey in the log:
KX0R - 746, NA6MG - 629, KE5AKL - 508, WA7JTM - 427, and NM5S - 348. That’s a lot of activating.

Along the way, I’ve had incremental goals to keep me going. The previous one was to go over 5000 unique summits, which I did last year. So at around the 91K points mark, I decided my last goal would be to hit the 100K barrier. On MAYDAY, Tom WX4TW did the deed for me. Thanks Tom.

Thanks again for the kind comments and maybe you’ll find me activating something. 73 and good luck to everyone,

Tommy W7RV DM43 Arizona


Good Show Tommy! You are my top chaser. Super thanks for being there and for the contacts and spots.
Vick k7vk


Congratulations Tommy and thanks for all the help.


Mike - ke5akl


CONGRATS TOMMY. i keep trying to catch you but can never seem to make any headway. HI HI I think you are in my log for every activation.I have done.
Jack KB7HH


Congratulations Tommy on the 100K chaser points and thanks for all the QSO’s. You rank #2 on my top activation chaser list with 118 contacts, trailing only NS7P.

73 Rich N4EX


On my last activation I only had one contact…guess who it was?

Congrats Tom.



Congratulations Tommy. Lin and I are local Arizonans. If you are in Arizona activating and you do not work Tommy, there was not line of sight or the conditions were not there for NVIS.


Hey Tommy congratulations. You were too modest at the club BBQ, you never mentioned this. You were right when you told me this gets addictive. Here’s hoping for that next 100K.

Tom NQ7R


Congrats Tommy! As with a lot of others… you are my top chaser, always loud and so great to hear you call in! Thanks for all the Q’s… Will be listing for you to call in during your next 100k!