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W7JET: Mountain GOAT


Congrats to Brian who became the latest NA Mtn GOAT, and the second GOAT from Arizona. Brian activated 100% unique summits for his GOAT…no repeated summits.

Great job Brian and welcome to the Herd!



Congratulations on achieving MG Brian !!

73 Rich N4EX


Congrats Brian!!!


Congratulations Brian! It was fun contacting you yesterday, knowing you were already across the mark. The 100% uniques is especially cool.




Congrats Brian on your Mountain Goat Status. Always a pleasure to work you on CW. Take care. Have a nice day ! Scotty KG3W


Congratulations Brian! Hope to see you next time we’re in the Valley.


Mike - ke5akl


Well done Brian!
Next time we all can get together, I’ll buy you a beer.
73 old goat!
N5XL Dave


Congrats, Brian. Always a good signal up my way. Way to go!
Phil, NS7P


Nice job Brian - congratulations! Always a pleasure talking to you on the hills!

73 Rick WB0USI


Congrats Brian. Great to work you on MG day.
73 Walt W0CP


Thanks for Posting this Pete and your guidance has been a huge help thanks to eveyone who worked me and all the S2S on East End which also put me over for Shack Sloth it was a great day to be up on a peak.


Congratulations on achieving MG Brian !! 73 DE KM6CEM


Congratulations!! All unique, great job.


Congratulations Brian.


Congratulation, Brian!





Congrats Brian! Hope to join the ranks someday.



Great Job Brian!!! And done in Less than 2 years or Less?

Now I have a lot of Work to Catch up to You!


Congrats Brian on MG. CU in the pile ups.


Congrats Brian, well done.



Mike AD5A