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W7A 10-point s2s Madness day Sept 30th


W7A 10-point s2s Madness Day:

On Sept 30th, 2018 Arizona Activators are going to “simultaneously” activate as many 10-point W7A summits as possible. As of September 1st we have twenty four Arizona Activators planning to operate from Twenty different 10-point summits from all over the state. The number of summits activated may even go higher, but only time will tell. Check the SOTAwatch ALERTS page to see who is activating which 10-point summit.

The action should be fast and furious, on all HF and VHF Bands, with more 10-point summits on the air than u can shake a Yagi at on Sunday morning.

I suspect that the regular SOTA calling frequencies will be quite busy for this event (DUH). I expect that we will need to spread out and move up higher in the CW bands, especially on 20 and 40 meters. Not sure how busy the SSB freqs will be, so look for our SPOTS, as many of us will be able to self spot.

So if you bored on Sept 30th on Sunday morning, and you would like to score a few hundred Chaser points in one day from Arizona please give us a call…or two…or three…or…well, you get the idea!

It’s madness I tell you, pure madness!

73, es hope to see u then

W7A Association Manager


This is going to be a kick in the pants. I can’t wait! There are over 20 alerts! Unless I’m having math issues (again), there are 23 alerts on 20 summits. Fingers crossed for decent weather!

–Chris K7TAB


You are correct. So far TWENTY ten-point summits will be activated in Arizona Sept 30th, and we may have a few more stations on summits by then. It should be “interesting.”




This is going to be insane! I’m planning to be up on a summit here in W7W for this. Holy S2S Goatman!!

You W7A guys have it made down there. There are like TWO 10 point summits in all of W7W that don’t require mountaineering skillz and equipment (and hard to get permits) to get to. I need a W7A SOTA vacation!!! =)

Looking forward to this.

-Josh WU7H


And the beat goes on…now Arizona’s highest Summit, AE-001, will be on for the s2s Madness day…thanks to KR7RK.

Twenty One 10-P0int summits on the air September 30th…and still more to come?



You have almost convinced me to go up to Oklahoma and activate for S2S.


Almost? :wink:


Hot damn, this is gonna be fun! Can’t wait! :metal:


Oh Wow!

Now I have to figure out what antennas/rigs/location to use to work the greatest number I can–this is awesome!


NQ7R has just decided to join in the W7A s2s Madness Day on September 30th from W7A/AE-043 (Porter Mountain).

He is 10-point peak number Twenty Two that will be on for this event.



Oh my goodness… was just putting up an alert for Sunday when I discovered this madness. All I’ll be able to muster is an 8pt summit in SoCal but ill be there. A shame ill be out of cell range. Should be… as you say, interesting.


Watch for us on 80, 60, 40, and 30 meters…we should be able to work into Southern Cal on those bands.

FYI…just had KF7NP commit to join in the madness on 10-point Summit number 23…

c u this Sunday!




Gang, keep an ear out for your northern neighbours as well. There are few of us from VE6 land heading out to listen and hopefully make contacts.



Malen (and friends),

We will definitely be looking for all of u during this event,

We are now up to Twenty Four different operators and 24 to 26 10-point summits (some are planing to activate more than one summit), two operators will start at 0001 on Sept 30th UTC date (Saturday afternoon local time).

Almost all 10-point summits have HF capability on at least 20 and 40 meters as a minimum, and many will operate many more bands.

Even though this is an Arizona s2s event we want to work as many chasers and other non-Arizona s2s stations as possible, so we will be looking for you also.

Hope to c u all in this “Madness” event!




Tomorrow is the “BIG” day! I’m excited. Thanks for putting it together Pete!
Charlie NJ7V


Latest s2s madness update: Twenty Five stations are activating 27 or 28 different 10-Point peaks September 30th, starting tonight at 0001 UTC (Arizona 5 PM on the 29th).

K7EDS added an alert for W7A/AW-006. He will be on in the morning.
KR7RK is doing two summits (one in an hour or so, a second summit tomorrow morning),
WB7ENX (two summits tomorrow morning)
WB0USI may also do two summits tomorrow.



Hope to work everybody tomorrow

W7A Association Manager


For working the nearby states, if you can, rig-wise and antenna-wise, try to include 75/80 meters. Between that band and 60 meters, several activations were “saved” today, the bands being what they were. Tomorrow, daylight, may be similar.
Listening for you all. Best, Ken & Kay



I will be on 80M today at some point…bands were pretty quiet today for sure. Everything I worked was pretty weak.

Today it will be a challenge to work all 25-28 summits. Ground wave may also be an option on the higher HF bands…I worked KR7RK on 10M CW on groundwave right before the new day. The strongest signal of the day was on 17 Meters for me.

c U in the madness soon!

W7A/CS-013…soon…very soon…


Pete and all -

I will be hunting for you from Colorado, mostly on 60-40-30M where we can expect good propagation.
Thanks for organizing this madness!




Maybe K4KPK? Same for me. He was on sideband; running 12W to a vertical, in the right place at the right time!
Boulder was reporting the MUF at about 11 MHz. Prop. is like gold: where you find it!
Listening for you manana en la manana!