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W6/CT-023 Activation Report


Hello all. Activated Santiago peak in Orange County, CA May 16, 2010. Santiago Peak is a popular area in the Cleveland National Forest. Access is thru the Main Divide road which once gained from valley tails, traverses the Santa Ana Mtns. from San Diego County in the South to Riverside county in the North. The offroad trail is roughly 23 miles long to where you park and have a short .5 mile walk to the summit. Pretty easy since trail almost takes you to the top. Once on top ran a Icom 706 MK2 100w into a 200ft long end fed wire @ about 40ft. Poor band conditions dominated my time on the summit unfortunately and only ended with 7 contacts on 14mhz before was time to go. Contacts ranged from Alberta Canada, and the US Midwest…nothing further east than MN. Was a great easy activation, had a blast. Thanks to Mike VA6FUN for always being on the other end after one CQ call. Planning to activate adjacent peaks to Santiago in coming weeks. Cheers from SoCal.



In reply to KI6NN:
HA I think I can feel VA6FUN coming in on my fillings as I walk up hills…I love the way he is always there!

Thanks for the report,
Tom, N2YTF


In reply to N2YTF:
Your fillings must be picking up WWV as I’m stuck at work today Tom! Won’t be near my rig till the weekend :frowning: So many SOTA’s…so little time! Good luck on your activation today!



In reply to N2YTF:
Understandable Mike…back to ol salt mine…

Tom I’ll be around to listen for ya. Hope to hear ya, good luck.