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W6 (and other) association awards


There are plenty of awards “available” from various US associations. For example, here in W6:

“The W6 SOTA association sponsors two awards. The Bighorn Ram Award is available to
those activators who have accumulated 500 points activating W6 summits. The Golden
Eagle Award is available to chasers and SWLs participating in the generalized program
who have accumulated 500 points working W6 activations. The Association Manager
shall maintain and make available these awards to qualified participants.” (from W6 assoc ref manual)

We have about a half dozen “Big Horn Rams” in W6 land and I am sure there are dozens of “Golden Eagles” throughout the country, though I have never heard of anyone claiming these awards. I am sure Gary W0MNA and Martha W0ERI are Golden Eagles, for example! :smile:

Hopefully I will become a Big Horn Ram later this year.Then I think I will order a cap with a ram on it to wear for SOTA! :beers: A few months ago I saw a link to a site that makes embroidered caps, I will have to google it to find it again.

W1, W3, W4V and W4G also sponsor various awards, according to their association ref manuals. Perhaps others do too.

73! Hal N6JZT


Hal, there has been at least one Golden Eagle Award issued as I have certificate #1 all on 2 meter FM. It is a were nice certificate that Adrian created with a picture of Mt. Whitney and a Golden Eagle. How many there are who qualify but have not asked for it or don’t know about it there is no telling. If you qualify it is worth getting.

Jeff, K6QCB


That’s good to know! I see Charles km6cem is also a 2 meter Golden Eagls, quite an achievement!


And I JUST noticed that You, Hal, N6JZT, have just made it as a Big Horn Ram !!! Congradulations !!!


And I JUST noticed that You, Hal, N6JZT, have just made it as a Big Horn Ram !!! Congradulations !!!