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W0ERI passes the 100K Chaser Point level. First XYL/YL in the world achieve that level..


Congrats Martha. Enjoy working both you and Gary.


De Troy KF7SEY


Super congratulations on reaching this awe-inspiring milestone. You and Gary are well-loved chasers in VE6 land and have “saved” our activations on more occasions than we can count!


Congrats Martha! And thank you for all the contacts.


Joe // N0MAP


Martha, Great job to get that 100K achievement. I think that rates some nice new rig from Gary for Xmas. Glad to have met you both at Dayton this year and CU AGN on the bands.

Scott WA9STI


Congrats Martha , great achievement !


Oh my goodness me! That is an huge number of points! I didn’t even know that was possible!
Thank you Martha for your perseverance - as an activator this is always such amazing news!

Regards, Mark. M0NOM


100,000 points! Wow! that means I’m close to…never mind.
Congratulations to an awesome chaser who is ALWAYS in my log.

Dean ~ K2JB


Fantastic news! It’s always great to hear Gary and Martha on the radio as they’ve always helped me activate some difficult peaks.
N1CLC - hamninja.com



Congratulations and many thanks for chasing me. You and Gary saved my bacon when I was at Mt. Noble as you were my 4th and 5th contacts. Always look forward to hearing you.

Ariel NY4G


Congrats Martha! Hope to see you some more in my log in the future! Well done!
Mike NS1TA




WOW…woo hoo! Congratulations…pretty amazing amount of points! Keep going… 73 Karen


Congratulations, Martha! That’s a bunch of chasin’!


Congrats, Martha for such astonishing number of chaser points!
Thanks for the only time you’ve chased me on 12m band back in 2014.
Many times I’ve copied you with my base station while chasing other activators.
Keep up the good work!



Martha, A great accomplishment and a personal thank you for always having a consistently strong signal here in Nevada and California. I never have to wonder if bad propagation will will get the best of me; you and Gary are like clock-work, always ready to confirm my 10w peanut whistle. I sure appreciate it … Thank You!


CONGARTS that is outstanding
it always brings a smile when I hear your gall


Congratulations Martha and thanks for the many chases ! :smile:


Congrats Martha, You and Gary have saved me on several activations. If I can work you and Gary, I know my rig and antenna are working as you seems to always be there. Looking forward to many more chases and activations from you both.
73 Gary


Good Golly Miss Molly! This is huge. Thanks for saving me several times Martha and Gary.
Scott kw4jm


Wow Martha,

Not surprised as you and Gary are my no.1 chasers.