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VK/ZL/JA <> EU S2S Event 21 Oct 17


Doesn’t seem too sensible, sorry guys I am pulling out.


Unfortunately we are going to have very wet and windy weekend. Some of stations may come up with but I have to gave it up. See you next time.



It is a typhoon.
I am sorry, I will chase.


Storm Brian and a typhoon- hmm


… wx won’t be as good as last year but still acceptable according to the latest weather forecast. Hence, I’m planning to be QRV around 6:00 utc from DM/BW-089 - unless it is raining tomorrow morning.
I think I’ll pick a frequency in the range of 14.065 +/- kHz and keep “running” during the whole event (S&P can be done with the second Rx in parallel).
Hope to cu tomorrow!

73, Roman - DL3TU


It is looking somewhat better further east in the UK, but I cannot make a summit this weekend due to family commitments, not even CE-004 or 005. I should be able to do some chasing though.

My best wishes to everyone that does get out onto a summit. I hope that radio conditions do not reflect the weather!

73, Gerald G4OIG


I’m still intending giving it a go.

Little outing this morning to check out the system. Hammering it down with rain in Macclesfield as I set off but only the very lightest of light drizzle when I set off walking up The Cloud G/SP-015. Once into the National Trust area, very firmly in the mist, and not raining - as such.

There is a new sign at this point, and another at the summit, declaring that work will take place throughout the Autumn and Winter on the path, restoring it to 4 feet width and restoring vegetation on the eroded areas either side. It will be interesting to follow this, as I’m sure I wil over the coming months.

Anyway, a quick activation of 15 minutes duration saw me log 13 stations, all on 20m CW. There was a couple that didn’t make it into the log due to me not receiving the report as a result of other stations being too eager and QRMing. Still, serves them right for not hanging around to hear me confirm with a "CFM, “QSL” or “RR”. I didn’t, and went back with “RST?” - but they had gone. So if you’re not in the log… :wink:

OK, to tomorrow then … fingers crossed.


The clwydian range might be OK… Moel Famau is a possibility.

Further west the more of Brian you might get !


Here Wx will almost fine… No forest fires!

I will call CW form CT/ES-005, along with CT7ABE and CS7AFI.

Cu tomorrow!

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS


Perfect weather in VK1 Canberra with a sunny day, light winds and a top of 22 degrees.

Good DX to everyone :slight_smile:

73 Andrew VK1AD


Different weather apps give me contradictionary information about today´s weather on the Säntis (HB/AI-001), especially wind speed for this morning. I‘ll have breakfast now and then drive off to the cable car, hoping that it‘s running. If it doesn’t due to weather conditions, I‘ll have to change the summit on short notice or pull out.
Will update the alarm in about 2 hours.

Vy 73 de Jens, HB9EKO


Getting up, ready to head out to my simple summit (DL/AM-001 Peissenberg). Expect to be there and active around 0615 UTC as alerted. Weather looks mixed, but not too bad at the moment.

GOOD LUCK to all who are able to take part. Lets hope band conditions are on our side this morning!

73 Ed DD5LP.

UPDATE: 0405 UTC - Heavy rain here at the home QTH, hoping this will stop before I get to the summit.


Everything is looking good here at OE/ST-248. I should be at the summit around 5:45 UTC. Good luck everyone!


I’m just about to leave for DM/BW-089. no rain and 12 C.
Good luck to everyone. hpe cu sn.
73, Roman


We are on our way, too. All wet outside but not raining at the moment. Should arrive at the alerted time.
Cu soon!
73, Sylvia


Cold and windy at Klondyke but the rain stayed away thankfully. 2 summit to summit contacts made but condx werent to flash. A high noise floor at the summit didnt help either. Worked a couple of jota stations as well. A good excursion. Emma is buying hot chocolates as I write this to warm us back up - half way home. Thanks all.


WX was fine here. I had some BC interference at the summit and had to turn the pre-amp down, but I got 28 in the log, 3 S2S (EU only) and one VK contact. I heard some VK stations clearly, but no portable ones. I had a great take-off to the south:

The north was nice too:

Nice event, shame about condx.
73 de OE6FEG


Nice actvation from an easy summit (Peissenberg DL/AM-001). I heard Andrew VK1AD/2 but just above the noise level - whether I could have worked him, I’m not sure but I didn’t get the chance as another SOTA activator started working stations on the same frequency. The story of the day was a busy band within Europe, with a nice number of SOTA activators out, several Nets and scout JOTA stations.

About 20 contacts and about a third of those S2S contacts - a nice early morning out. When I set off from home it was already raining constantly but as I approached the summit, I could see that it hadn’t rained there. As I was setting up the rain and winds started but luckily only lasted about 10 minutes, so most of my almost 2 hour activation was in the dry (albeit cold).

At one point I had S5 QRN and it sounded like a storm was heading my way but luckily that never arrived.

A couple more points on the SFI and a point or 2 less on the K index (although that wasn’t that bad at about 3 I think) may have made some VK/ZL portable stations workable for me. I wonder if anyone with a better antenna managed the contacts?

I had considered taking my IC-7300 to the summit but given that I was getting 5-9+ reports towards the end of the activation with my 817 and 20w amp, as we all know - “it’s all about the conditions”.

73 Ed DD5LP.


Hi Ed,

I was joining Sylvia @OE5YYN and Peter @OE5AUL (and SOTA dog Kimo of course) on Mayrhofberg OE/OO-330. It was raining slightly when we setup the equipment. Brought a tarp to protect us a bit from the elements and some tea.

Just got 2 pictures, but Peter and Sylvia have taken some more.

We have been lucky and managed a S2S with Andrew VK1AD/2 with quite good reports so it must have been a very local effect.

Btw. my FT8 first experiment was not working out so great. VK and JA - apart from a lot more - stations showed up but could not complete one single QSO because the USB disconnected frequently. I should have build my audio interface into a metal case for shielding reasons. At home it was working flawless for hours. Back to the workbench and try it next time then.
Did you operate any digital modes?

And after a little break the rain started right on time when we started to pack our stuff. But a fun event so hear you all hopefully next time again.

73’s Joe


Congratulations on getting through to Andrew VK1AD/2. You say with good reports each way - that’s particularly good.

I did not take the digital set-up with me. I decided to keep it all as simple as possible this morning.

I saw your spots and listened for you all but even though I could hear the chasers I could not hear any of you. Perhaps too close because of skip distance? I did work Herbert OE9HRV/P but I suspect that was ground wave as it was probably line of sight between us.

Happy with the contacts I did manage, shame about not getting Andrew, but maybe next time. I was surprised not to hear any VK/ZL chaser home stations either, they often get through even in bad conditions.

73 Ed.