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VK/ZL/JA <> EU S2S Event 21 Oct 17


Okinawa will be represented. I’ll be on CW only. I see the times are later than the one earlier this year, which was a bust for me. Hopefully the mid-afternoon (here) will be fruitful. Steve JS6TMW


Cheers John,

Good luck with the Activation

I’ve now got messages from VK2, VK3, VK6 and VK7 to say they’ll be listening, tomorrow. This gives me a good spread across the country. Hopefully, I’ll find at least one State. VK7 will be the tricky one, not worked it for quite some time…

73 Mike


ZL2AJ will ve active. Maybe from ZL1/WK-024 yet to be confirmed.



I’m in.

Hope wx will be good.

Couple of friends maybe jump in.

Tks for the work!

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS


Just a quick update of 20m band conditions, into VK/ZL

At about 0630z, yesterday morning, I was set up and ready to go from GW/NW-070 Great Orme. However, the 20m band was not right… A major solar storm was manifesting itself, so the K index had jumped from zero the previous night, to three.

Nevertheless, I pushed on and the very first call into my log was John ZL1BYZ, he was a much better signal than last week. My third call was Warren ZL2AJ once again an easy copy…Cheers Warren. The path to VK, was not so forgiving and at 0727z I finally snagged Ernie VK3DET. Ernie had to work hard for this one, but signal reports were exchanged. Then John ZL1BYZ came back to me only this time he was an easy copy. It has been four or five months since I’ve been able to have a decent natter with ZL. Once again, many thanks, to John.

Frantic efforts were made between Great Orme and VK7, with two stations trying to make the trip, however, it wasn’t to be. Then as I was about to go QRT, John, VK6NU called in for my final bit of DX of the morning.

To sum up. A solar storm changes things somewhat, and dosen’t really give a proper insight into the underlying band conditions, therefore, more work needs to be done next week. I’ve just been sent an image of the space wx and the K index has just hit seven, very bad news for the Dx’ers.

So, it looks like another alarm call at 0400, next week :frowning:

73 Mike


And you jinxed it … just joking of course.
S9+ severe storm :scream:

But still some time for the sun to behave a bit.

73 Joe


… yet another update on 20m band conditions:

Today around 6:30 utc (2017-09-30, SFI = 91, k = 3)

VK4DHF rst 579 - with 400W/ 3- element beam
VK5LJ rst 349 - unknown working conditions
VK3FRC rst 339 - unknown working conditions

The band seems to recover…
73, Roman


I’ve been listening to 40m over the last few days and at around 0700 UTC there’s a net on 7.138MHz (today 7.141 MHz) that includes EU, VK and ZL stations at good (5-3 - 5-7) signal strengths, yes this is SSB! So don’t forget 40 metres as a possible alternative to 20m for the EU-VK/ZL/JA event!

73 Ed.


Hi, Ed,

Well, got back from the Hamfest last night. Totally knackered. Busiest I’ve seen it for quite some time.

Anyway, WX crappy, maybe I’ll try and get out Wednesday. Wind is going to be the big headache.

Space WX numbers aren’t that great…

73 Mike


Local weather forecast has improved here for Wednesday, they now say it’ll be a nice sunny day … We’ll see…

Decided just to take the “tried and tested” configuration of fishing pole and linked dipole up Hochgrat DL/AL-132 rather than the new vertical antenna after my tests on Saturday.

73 Ed.


Just checked and the Worked All Germany contest is on the 21st. and 22nd of this month but after the SOTA EU-VK S2S event early Saturday morning (as the WAG contest only starts at 1500) but at the same time as our S2S event is the Scouts “Jamboree on the Air” so I wonder if we’ll get any combined JOTA-SOTA or SOTA-JOTA stations (at least on the chasing side) ?



List of alerted activators for the VK-JA-EU-UK S2S event on the 21st. as of 9:00 UTC 15th. October.

A good representation from EU/UK, great to see a station from Japan alerted. I hope some more VKs and ZLs will be able to take part.

Band conditions “should” improve after Tuesday when the last of the Solar winds clear and we should see K index down to 1 or 2 and SFI in the mid 80s.

(CLICK for larger graphic to view more clearly in your PC Browser).


Will join for the S2S Party next week. See you next week.



Wx is looking “rather windy” for Saturday morning, but I’m hopeful of participating - especially as I currently don’t have any work booked in for Friday or Saturday.


Sorry I won’t be able to join you all this time, but I seem to have picked the area furthest from any SOTAs for my short break😕
It was certainly breezy (and wet) today!
Good luck to you all and enjoy


The WX is looking very unfavourable at this time.
I’ll re assess tomorrow, but may have to remove my alert :frowning:


31C here in VK6 but a possible thunderstorm. Also strong easterly winds.

At least its a drive up summit if I need to get out in a hurry.

John VK6NU


My originally planned summit (Proeller) is expecting gusting winds over 55Km/h and rain, so I’ve had to change to a drive-up summit as well. Unfortunately I have already activated this summit (Peissenberg) this year, it’s only a 1 rather than a 10 pointer, but at least the weather forecast for this summit is a lot better and I’ll be able to take part in the event. It’s also a summit from where I have worked VK previously.
Later in the day, the weather is expected to improve, just around the long path window time, it’s going to give some light rain at the new summit.
Lets hope radio conditions will make up for weather conditions - at the moment (0530 Friday) the K Index is back up to 4 and MUF down at 5.13 MHz, SFI is up to 74 though.

73 Ed DD5LP.


Rain and gusts of 65Km/h forecast on hills near me, sorry to say, so I’m going to pull out of this event :thinking:



Me too. I was planning to go over to Wales but not now.