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Vehicle usage - where is the limit?



Possibly these 100m are more difficult than first 3000 m especially taking into account lack of oxygene.

Concerning the helicopters maybe you’re right but the french one can :innocent:
You can google about it and find youtube post about landing of a standard AS350 B3 Ecureuil in May 2005.

But I am not planning yet to go there. I am left with 17 remaining summits to activate on Reunion Island before :smiley:

73 Thomas de F4HPX


There are very few places in the Lake District where you can get remotely high in a car for chasing, let alone anywhere near a SOTA summit :yum:

Nearest to Windermere is Kirkstone pass but VHF is limited to an arc of about 30 degrees to the West and East and I would imagine (although I haven’t tried it to be fair) that HF would be adversely affected as well.

Of course if you want SOTA activation then you’ve got Red Screes to the left, 45 mins of walking a stone staircase for relatively easy 10 points, or Stony Cove Pike on the other side which is nearer an hour of slog with a steep bit to start with. Or both if you’re feeling really energetic.

I find it interesting how the SOTA points are allocated - I’ve not looked at the logic but I’m guessing it’s something to do with maximum height within a region or country?

Anyway, I’m very fortunate to live where I do and hopefully if I can avoid falling off anything am looking forward to lots of nice views-with-radio-chatter over the next few years.

73’s Mark. M0NOM

p.s. for those less able, or less willing :yum:, in the Lakes the Wainwrights on the Air competition is still going strong even if the website is in desperate need of a refresh. All the functionality is still working. http://wota.org.uk


Ho ho… look back for “debate” on that subject… :slight_smile:

It’s simple - it’s height above sea level. With the levels set differently for each Association. You quite rightly worked out that this is related to the height of the highest summits in an Association. See the association handbooks for details.

EG http://www.sota.org.uk/ARMViewer/G
Section 2, Page 8.


Being one of those folk who are limited in what walking they can do its amazing what summits you can do. I initially thought that drive ons or short walks would be the only ones I could do and this was the case post surgery. As I await my second knee replacement I find the steep climbs or actually the descents very difficult and I am glad of those days when there is a second summit that is a drive on or has a short walk so that I can actually do 2 in a day!! Please don’t exclude these!!


There is no likelyhood of easy access/drive on summits being excluded. Summits are listed if they have the appropriate prominence, all other considerations such as accessibility (including forbidden access) are excluded.



If it’s got 150m prominence it’s in. If it hasn’t, it’s out.

So the likes of GI/SI-214, GW/MW-032, SV/AA-001 and KLF/DE-001 are pretty unlikely - but they’re in.

But so are GI/CA-003, G/DC-003, GW/NW-070, G/TW-004, G/WB-021 and EI/IE-021 - and many more - so fill your boots!


[/quote] Red Screes to the left, 45 mins of walking a stone staircase for relatively easy 10 points [/quote]

I think you will find Red Screes is only 6 points.

73 Victor GI4ONL


You can combine it in a fantastic linear route that then takes in G/LD-007 and G/LD-010 though , and that would bag you 22 points.