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Ultralight SWR indicator?


Well done Martin @DK3IT and Ondra @OK1CDJ.

I bought 4 and very happy with testing so far.

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF


Hi Martin

I ordered the kit from Hamshop for about three weeks. It is the perfect accessory for the Monutain Topper MTR3!

Many thanks to Martin and Hamshop!!!

vy 73 de Matt HB9FVF


Can you please post the link?


Hi Barry
is already above but:

vy 73 de Matt HB9FVF


Thanks Matt!


Actually that link also comes up in Czech until you click on the Union Jack flag :uk: at the top right of the screen.

73 Ed.


Mounted a tinySWR in my MTR3 the same way…

I couple this with an EFHW tuner built into a dental floss case. Also visible are the two posts which serve as the paddle of a built-in touch keyer. I log using a small card clipped to the back of the radio. In this way sitting down (usually not a good idea) isn’t necessary. A tethered spacepen (stores in an attached soda straw) serves as writing instrument.

  • Fred KT5X (aka WS0TA)