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UK National Hamfest Sept 28-29


I know the Blackpool Rally is the “SOTA-Preferred” hamfest but does anyone know if anything for SOTA is planned at the NH?

I expect to be driving down there both days, so if anything is planned I’ll try to make a visit, but I’m also going to be busy, so I have no time to arrange anything myself.

73 Ed.


I will be there. There has never been an official SOTA presence at the hamfest as far as I can recall.


The “problem” with the hamfest is it just happens to be held a long way from where most of the UK MT live. In my case it’s a return journey of 870km and 10hrs driving costing about £75 for fuel. Or a 12hr return train journey (a few changes to make) and £130 fare.

To justify the cost of travel, time off work and accommodation, I’d need to tag some other events on to the trip.


I went last year Ed for the first time, I would go again but not this year as along with G4OOE and M0PYG we will be in the North East on a non-SOTA walking holiday with our walking group. Booked months ago.

73 Phil


Hi Phil,
Yes Nick told me about the walking trip, hope the weather is good - not too hot and no rain.

Hi Andy,
Fully understand that Newark is a long way from Scotland and very hard to justify the trip.

I guess I’m spoiled by Friedrichshafen being 90-120 minutes down the road from here (depending upon traffic) but my memories of local rallies 35+ years ago was that they were as big as, if not bigger than, the current National Hamfest. I guess it’s a reflection of the times - less Amateurs around and lots of opportunities to buy whatever is needed from the comfort of the home PC keyboard.

I think every hamfest needs something special to make it “different” and draw what’s left of the available amateurs - what that is - I don’t know.

In any case - thanks to all for answering the question - nothing specifically promoting SOTA or any “meet-up” at the UK National Hamfest.

73 Ed.


Notwithstanding the lack of any formal meet, there are always plenty of SOTA people at Newark. Finding them will probably be tricky though.


If only there was some kind of chatroom accessible by a handheld?


Thanks Andy,
You just reminded me of an outstanding action - I need to program a codeplug for my UK visit!

73 Ed.


Hi Ed
I will be at the National Hamfest on the two days, helping on the WAB stand, on the two days of the rally, look forward to seeing you again.
Cheers Ken G0FEX