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Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party - 3 November 2018


Yes, TW-003, Only Holland comes flatter!! My HB1-B only does CW although I can listen to SSB. I only use CW really Ed. No offense ! :wink:


Heading out in 15 minutes. Should be on the air by about 1330z.
Good luck evrryone.



Also heading out. QRV from Richtberg, OE/OO-293 around 1315Z.
I hope for some S2S!

73 Heinz


I just made a last minute decision to drive into France.

Alert set:
F/DK9JC/P on FL/VO-048 - 14.275-ssb +/- QRM 1300 UTC

One advice. On 20m please choose a QRG above 14.225 MHz. If you have a General class license only in the US you can not go lower in the SSB part of the band.

73 de DK9JC


antenna setup has begun on OE/OO-330 :slight_smile:



No activation here today, WX too severe, it’s raining sideways :frowning:


No S2 contacts for me. :frowning:



I’ll do a write up shortly, but I’m back from the non-stop rain and gusty winds on G/LD-050. A last minute decision resulted in me leaving my mobile home so not much chance of being chased by calling CQ blindly. I did have an emergency phone that can send to the SMS gateway but that didn’t seem to be working either. Intermittent power issues but the antenna did a good job, only collapsing once.

Had a nice chat with a few folk on 40m then when I clipped to 20m did manage a S2S with @YO8SEP on YO/EC-044 then I got WW1USA in the log before packing up! Transport to the summit base was a motorbike, so the tumble dryer is currently in overtime!

Cheers, Mark. M0NOM


My activation aws also not as successful as I had hoped - that contest plus the fact that a lot of m,y spots didn’t get out until I switched cell service (I have a dual SIM phone but Internet can only run on one at a tim). Vodaphone showed 4G but spots didn’t get through. Telekom showed 3G and worked fine.

I actually spent more time explaining what I was doing to visitors than actually being able to operate. At the end 40m brought a good bunch of contacts including two (EU) S2S contacts until a kid start deliberatelt kicking the guy peg for the antenna which then dropped. This was after the parent had already said don’t do that. The experience with other visitors (young and older) was a lot better though. I haerd a few US and canadian stations but none portable and none heard me.

Anyway report at dd5lp.com in a few days.




I had hoped to go to the Zirbitzkogel for this event, but the forecast suggested some strong winds so I stayed local and activated the Schöckl. That was probably a good decision as the winds were light and the sun even came out at one point:

I had a perfect take-off to the NW, and conditions had improved just enough to yield a handful of NA contacts and 2 S2S (thanks Barry and Peter)

I even got 2 NA contacts on 15m, but I’m sure others will have done better. Seems like a better day than last year.

       73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU

P.S. I’m having trouble uploading my chaser file, is anyone else?

Possibly due to the ongoing upgrade.


Yes - me too - I only had one to upload however, so just switched to the manual process. :yum:


I need to check the reflector more often because I had no idea this was happening today. I guess that explains why there were so many EU stations on the air.

I could hear several EU activators and worked a few EU chasers, but no EU S2S with my measley 5 watts.

-Doug, ND9Q


I managed to get my 40/20 EFHW about 30ft above the summit at W2/GC-026 and oriented toward EU. It was definitely tough going on ssb and only managed a few ssb S2S with my KX2 but had much better luck on cw. The level of participation over in EU seemed very good and was much appreciated. I fear that it was a bit lopsided, with many fewer NA activators(?). 17M seemed to have better propagation than 20M, but not much activity.

I managed 32 S2S contacts on 28 unique summits, 22 in EU and 6 in NA. Thanks to these stations for S2S: 9A/E70AA, 9A6CW, DL4TO, DL6GCA, G4OOE, G8CXK, HB9BIN, HB9DBM, HB9DST, HB9EKO, HB9EWO, HB9GKP, HB9TVK, LB8CG, LZ1GJ, LZ1WF, M6GYU, MW0XOT, OE5AUL, OE5EEP, OE5YYN, OE6FEG, OE9HRV, S58R, K4LPQ, KR7RK, ND9Q (2 summits), VE2DDZ, WA7JTM

73 Barry N1EU


I logged 16 total, 5 US (N4EX, AA1VX, K1RO, KD1CT) and one in Canada (VE2JCW) on 20m SSB from FL/VO-048 “Grand Wintersberg” . Not too bad. Used 40W, 10m mast, FT-891 and a hombrew EFHW with 1:49.

Thank you to all who gave me a call.


same error here


Already uploaded mine, no problems.


FYI we’re talking about problems with the chaser (S2S) log file upload, not the activator log file upload. I’ve started a new reflector thread on the problem to keep this thread here centered on the S2S QSO Party.



Just noticed your Avatar is a very nice key I used a lot on board ship and shore stations when I was in the Royal Navy. Just about the best morse key I’ve ever used. Sadly they always seem to fetch £100 or more on E-Bay.




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