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Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party - 3 November 2018


Hi Pom, I had the same impression that condx were good from DL/AM-058 today with 2 x US, 2 x UK, 1 Sweden, 1 Greece & 2 German contacts on 20m inside 10 minutes. I am also worried that the good conditions are a pre-cursor of the Solar winds hitting us. (often conditions improve for a couple of days before). I was just using a tripod mounted HF-PRO-2 vertical.

73 Ed.


(often conditions improve for a couple of days before).

Yes, Ed. That’s the only reason I tried HF. In the past 2 years I concentrated more on VHF SSB since it’s much more fun than HF at the time.

I was just using a tripod mounted HF-PRO-2 vertical.

Ah, even with a dummy load DX is possible. :wink:
I was using a linked dipole, not even my vertical, as DM/TH-844 is a typical DM summit… it’s wooden.



The HF-PRO-2 isn’t a dummy load (I have several verticals that could be described as dummy loads but not this one) - far from it - I’m quite impressed with it so far.
I had my 6m mast, linked dipole and OCF also with me but didn’t need to unpack them.

I agree with you - no use on a forested summit - luckily Hinteres Hornele isn’t forested

73 Ed.


Hi Ed, I nipped up to my radio club this afternoon to check out the bands. Turned the beam West and worked nearly 50 North Americans on 20m ssb. Conditions were up, however, the speed the band closed was alarming.



Yaye, so nice to see this event again :slight_smile:

I’ll be active as LM1ØSOTA from LA/RL-303 Krokvassnuten, as I need to go to some other business straight after. Hope DX is as great as last Sunday.


There seemed to be a lot of QSB around yesterday as well. We’ll need to see what tomorrow brings - perhaps the solar winds will hold off long enough to make some good contacts - at least Portable EU to Chaser NA - but of course S2S would be a lot nicer!

73 Ed.


I’ll be about 400km SW - latest weather forecast looks like high winds (and rain/snow) are coming late morning/early afternoon. As a result, I’m going to move up my schedule and activate earlier (1300Z) and probably leave the summit by 1500Z. (this is assuming weather forecast doesn’t get any worse before then)

I will focus on 20M but I’ll have 40M for local S2S/chasers. I’ll chase any 17M DX I see spotted by kicking in the KX2 ATU (antenna will be 20/40 EFHW about 30ft above the summit). I will cq only on cw, but will chase every ssb activator that is spotted if I can hear

73 Barry N1EU


That’s my plan as well Barry. Freezing rain would keep me off the road and so off the summit, but anything else I should be on the air for at least some time. Rain or snow with wind will curtail on-air time though.
I hope to catch you on the air tomorrow. 73.


NOTE to everyone planning to take part:


Please, please, please - if conditions look bad don’t push your luck. Rather miss a few contacts than get injured!

73 Ed.


Thankfully we will be having better weather down south tomorrow and I will be on W4C/US-001 around 1200Z looking for EU stations. Running 45W into a 88’ doublet or 20/17m vertical.

73, pat - KI4SVM


This just posted on southgate news:

Geomagnetic storm predicted this weekend

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring a large hole in the sun’s atmosphere, now directly facing Earth.

A stream of solar wind escaping from the opening is expected to reach our planet during the late hours of Nov. 3rd, likely sparking minor G1-class geomagnetic storms over the weekend.

Visit [ Spaceweather.com] for more information and updates.

“Late hours of November 3rd” - we might just get away with it!!

73 Ed.




c u from W7A/MN-070!



Well I’ve got my Tarp ready and my gears packed I think I’ll be on G/TW-003 but I’ll do an alert on the SOTA Alerts tommorow morning. I’ll be CW only - as usual.


Dave Perry


Good one Dave! Have decided to go for a drier summit myself in the hope that a longer stay will be practical. Will keep an ear out for you on CW.

73, Gerald G8CXK (G4OIG)


I will not be activating but I’ll try to chase as many activators as possible, focusing on the NorthAmericans with my newly remote capability.
Good luck to all activators and lots of S2S.



K Index has dropped again and SFI lifted a little:

Solar wind is also not yet high either:


So Good luck everyone and to those going out in bad terrestrial weather - I ask again, PLEASE be careful.

73 Ed.


Lovely sunny morning here on the NE coast at Robin Hood’s Bay.

BBC wx did say it would be a little windy but not 348.7km/sec!!! :wink:


Yes and that’s considered slow!

Love Robin Hood’s Bay (I’m from Hull originally).

I take it you’re heading off to one of the TW summits then. If you’re able to come to the “dark-side” (SSB) it’d be great to get an S2S with you from DM/BM-135 Hesselberg, for which I’ll be setting off for in half an hour (it’s a good 2 hours drive from here) and it’s cold again and no sign of any sunshine yet. It always seems to be cold and cloudy or foggy when I go to Hesselberg - I haven’t seen the views from there yet.

73 Ed.


OK, here’s my last snapshot of those taking part today, as I’m about to set off on my drive to my chosen summit. I’m very happy to see how many will be out - I suspect the 9A may be a bit early for any NA contacts but good luck to him and he’ll no doubt get lots of EU chasers in any case:

image image

OK some may not be out for the S2S event, but they’re out there - so good luck to everyone.

(sorry about my double entry - I can’t delete either of them - to clarify I’ll be starting between 1300 and 1330 UTC for 1 to 1.5 hours, mainly concentrating on 20m but 40m as a fallback).

73 Ed.

P.S. the sun just came out here - yea - that has to be a good omen - right?


VOACAP seems to be predicting that 17M, 20M and 30M are all equally in play starting at 1300Z.


Good luck all!

73 Barry N1EU