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Tour de LA


Some chasers may have realised that we have travelled through Germany (activation of Piekberg DM/ND-003) and Sweden (activation of SM/VD-003 Bjönerödspiggen) and have finally arrived in Norway. Today we activated LA/HM-157 (Nordsetberget) and are planning to activate Duasberget (LA/HM-156) tomorrow.

We will be working our way up along route 3 (via Kongsvinger and Elverum) to Trondheim and further up to Alsta (and maybe even further north but that depends on the weather) and are planning to activate various summits in the course of the next two weeks. So please follow the Alerts and Spots.

We’d also be happy to get in touch with local hams!

Look forward to many contacts!

Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL & Kimo


Viel Spaß im Hohen Norden und gute Fahrt!
Ich hoffe, auf ein paar S2S!
73 Heinz


Listened for you and Peter yesterday Sylvia but heard nothing. Have fun on your travels!


hello sylvia and peter,

i’m sure you will have a great time up there in norway … and thanks for the s2s-qso today!

and sorry to all the chasers that probably wanted to work me also. i had to make qrt after a few contacts because of rain and threatening thunderclouds. being at an alpine summit with an altitude of 2068m and over 2 hours to walk down i did not want to risk anything.

73 martin, oe5reo


Genug Gegenstationen wären ja vorhanden: wrtc2018
sind halt keine S2S :wink:

73 de PGM, Gerhard


We’ve had a great time so far activating the following three summits. The weather has been extremely good too us with temperatures around 30 degrees (which is actually a bit too hot for our liking…)

Nordsetberget LA/HM-157**

Duasberget LA/HM-156

We started on a path that was very seldom used but it got better later on…


Storetfjellet LA/HM-039
which we enjoyed the most so far!

We’ll keep you posted about more activations further north!
Thanks to all the chasers and the many S2S-contacts!

Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL & Kimo


Hi, have a great time in Norway, some places looks familiar! Tried to work you from the summit on EA6 on 20m, but got no luck. We are comming home soon and I will check the alerts!

73 de LB8CG.