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Time for a new trophy?


With the ever increasing amount of activations, points are adding up quickly for chasers and activators.

Isn’t it time to introduce a new trophy, let’s say for obtaining 10000 points?.

This gives everyone another goal to work towards to after having obtained the (let’s not forget really handsome) 1000 points trophy.

Now we are just collecting points after the 1000 trophy but with nothing else in sight.

Your views?

73, Peter


In reply to ON3WAB:

Hello Peter

There are certificates beyond 1,000 points so you can decorate your shack!




In reply to G3CWI:

Certificate, Trophy are they now the same thing…

Peter suggested a Trophy, not a certificate Richard, I could be wrong though.



In reply to 2E0KPO:

Thanks Steve.

Peter wrote:

“Now we are just collecting points after the 1000 trophy but with nothing else in sight.”

I was simply pointing out that there are certificates so his efforts are not without formal recognition.




In reply to G3CWI:

Oh, okay…



Certificates are potentially endless - 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000, 250000 etc. Who will be the first chaser to get the 1 million points certificate?

Trophies - well there’s plenty of others to go for after the Shack Sloth for 1000 chaser points. How about the 1000 Chaser Uniques trophy? And then maybe concentrate on some activating? Relatively few people have attained the Mountain Goat trophy for activating, and no-one looks anywhere near the trophy for activating 1000 Uniques. Now that really will be some achievement if/when someone pulls it off!



In reply to M1EYP:

Mind you, something like an engraved pewter tankard or goblet would be nice - ornamental and useful! Mine (as and when) would not gather dust…


Brian G8ADD


Now there’s a great idea.

There be more people pleased with that suggestion.

But with less difficult rules for activators than for chasers. After all it is much easier garthering points from your comfy chair than it is climbing a hill.



Hi Peter,

There can be no doubt that points progress is much easier for chasers and SWLs than activators. However, I don’t think that different rules for any current, or possible future award is necessary.

The very fact that the activator points are more “hard won”, makes the activator award more special. The certificates and trophies might look the same, but the activator awards will be the ones of which participants are most proud, and indeed the best achievements.

There’s no point trying to modify rules etc to make the awards of an equivalent level of achievement - because they never can be.



In reply to M1EYP:

In any case, the Chasers are encouraged so that there is somebody to work the Activators! :wink:


Brian G8ADD


Absolutely Brian. In fact, I understand that the whole idea of there being a chaser section was for that very reason.



Point taken about the rules, Tom; but you have to admit, Brian’s tankard idea
is a good one.



I ’ ll drink to that !!

Graham G3OHC



cheers Graham


In reply to ON3WAB:


You have made the proposal and I am happy to design something else if there is a reasonable demand for another Trophy awarded (for the sake of argument) for 10000 points level. Certificates are available (well, to be honest - will be once they are delivered from the printer) but do tend to take up a lot of wall space.

Could I ask for input:

What form should the Trophy take (a tankard has been suggested)?
Is 10000 points the next obvious award level (we do have chasers above the 25000 points level)?
Can I get some measure of the level of demand.

To keep prices sensible and affordable, and ensure delivery is in a reasonable timescale, we need to purchase in minimum quantities and this means tying up money (Each purchase of the present trophies incurs costs in excess of £300) and SOTA is not exactly awash with funds.

Let me have your views and I will apply my mind to the task (once I have solved the supply of shirts and T-shirts).


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


In reply to GM4TOE:

there is a reasonable demand for another Trophy awarded (for the sake
of argument) for 10000 points level.

Hi Barry

I was surprised to see that there are 35 chasers above 10,000 points whereas the 35th activator is on 1,112 points. There are just 12 activators above 2,500 points so maybe that should be the next activator trophy level (if one is required)?

I’m not interested in getting another trophy myself (and am unlikely to get to 2,500 points for a long while anyway).

I wonder what the take-up percentage for the current MG and SS trophies is? I’m guessing that the MG percentage take-up would be much higher than the SS take-up?




I for one am in favour of a new trophy otherwise I would not have popped the question.

It might be useful to check how much of the 49 activators and 270 chasers that have more than 1000 points have actually applied for the trophy. If there’s only limited success and it would cost too much money, then why bother.

10000 points would be a nice next level. 35 chasers are over that and these are well known and very dedicated chasers who are on air on a daily basis. Still, 10000 is not easy to get, even with the high level of activity these days.

As Richard and myself pointed out earlier I would put a 5000 point level for the activators. 10000 would be very hard if not impossible in the next few years IMHO. Robin, GM7PKT who is a very active activator and is lucky enough to be “close” to high points summits has “only” just over 4100 points since he started in 2002. That is 7 years for 4000 points. And he’s at the top of the pack. So if you want to reward the activator 5000 would be nice but still hard to get.

It would be wrong to treat activators in the same way as chasers. Getting 5000 points as an activator still is much harder than 10000 points as a chaser.


P.S. Richard I have over 170 paper awards now so I have no more wall left for my awards :o)