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These boots aren't made for walking


In reply to M3ZCB:

I wonder for how many people like myself the search for comfortable footwear is an absolute nightmare. I have no bunions, corns or callouses, but I do have what are known as “high volume” feet. That means a broad fore-foot with high instep. (OK - fat as well). All of my life I have dreaded wearing out my current favourite footwear, because I never seem to be able to find the same type of shoes again.

Last time, I tried on every make and model of boots and trekking shoes in all the local outdoors shops, to no avail. Then I happened to be in TK Maxx looking for a pair of sunglasses when I spotted a pair of Karrimor KSBs. To my delight they fitted perfectly, and cost only £50.00.

They are very stoutly built of full grain leather and took rather a long time to wear in, but now when I put them on I feel ready for anything. They could do with a bit of extra heel cushioning for walking on roads, so I use Dr Foot orthotic insoles to prevent my heels from pronating excessively.

TK Maxx also had a pair of Karrimor Mount Low trekking shoes which also fitted perfectly and which I also snapped up. However these shoes have a breathable membrane and I find that my feet always feel too warm and sweaty in them.



In reply to M3ZCB:
Hi Caroline

Good to work you 3 or 4 times on GM summits.

Has anyone reading this had their boots refurbished? For example: http://www.lsr.gb.com/walking_boot_repairs.htm
Worth it if uppers reasonably good still?

Ive ripped the soles off my meindl’s…on Tinto… where else do I go!