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The first W5-SOTA activation a complete success!


Congratulations on a successful W5-SOTA launch Mike. Hope the association goes from strength to strength.



In reply to KD9KC:
Hi Mike,
Thank you for a great description of the first W5 SOTA activation. It was very interesting to note the contrast between your very hot conditions and the wet, windy and cold conditions that normally prevail on UK high summits. I particularly enjoyed your photo show, with its excellent images of the terrain, flora and fauna (as well as the film stars, of course).
Congratulations on an excellent start to the W5 SOTA activating program.

Frank G3RMD


In reply to KD9KC:

A nice report. I was impressed by the amount of water you were all carrying. Most of the year here in Scotland, 1L in the bag and the same back at the car is normally plenty. Just occasionally you may need 2L on a walk. But 1 1/2 gallons is nearly 7L!

Are the pictures available elsewhere, the photoshow is Flash based and so is a no-no at work?



The photoshow is excellent. What an enjoyable 8 minutes I have just spent - thanks for putting it up. Look forward to any more that you produce.



In reply to M1EYP:
Thanks Mike and congrats for W5 association launch. Hope we’ll have S2S with you in the near future. Also, thanks for the note on Moni’s knees: life without challenge is dull. 73


In reply to KD9KC:

Thank you Andy. 1.5 gallons is only about 5.7 L.

Of course you’re in Texas where everything is big except for gallons! :slight_smile: It gets me everytime Mike as I always forget US gallons are smaller than UK gallons. Even so nearly 6L is nearly 6kg which is a significant weight.

I’ll have a look at the pictures now I’m home. Flash downloads are throttled at work to stop people watching YouTube and the like. You can post photos onto the Flickr website for free Mike. There’s a link to the SOTA Flickr group at the top of most pages on SOTAwatch.