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The 2015/2016 official SOTA Challenge


I’ve been making up a linked dipole for 17m through to 6m recently, I managed to finish it yesterday.

I have been chasing the Spanish ITU 150 stations and they seemed to be concentrating on 17m and up. I did finally work my 8th station on 30m yesterday afternoon a few hours before the event finished, I just managed my certificate! Yesterday at my QTH, nothing above 15m was working well. 17m seemed a bit iffy too.

I think 30m is my favourite band at the moment.

I’ve heard nothing on ten or six since I built the antenna :frowning:

I will keep trying 6 & 10, I hope to give them a shot on my next activation now that my antenna is finished.

73, Colin


Gerald and Jonathan - Sorry I missed you both. We ended up completely out of sync.

Tom has allowed me a week at the top of the Challenge activator table for the G association. But no doubt when he uploads the logs from his Brecon-Beacons tour that will be history! So I concentrated on 10m for three activations in the Yorkshire Dales. Pen-y-ghent and Fountains Fell went well enough, but Birks Fell was a bit of a disappointment - my own fault for not posting an alert ahead of loss of phone signal.

And that’s not all that went wrong!

Thanks to all the chasers and to Dene for the S2S.

Blog write up: [Banana Shaped][1]

Edit: I knew it wouldn’t last long - blown away by Tom’s Brecon Beacons bash!
[1]: http://g4tjc.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/banana-shaped.html


Another weekend working on my Challenge score, this time with 4 summits in Wales. For 6m I built a full-wave Delta loop.

[Four More for the Challenge][1]
[6-m Delta Loop][2]

Thanks everyone.

73, Simon
[1]: http://g4tjc.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/four-more-for-challenge.html
[2]: http://g4tjc.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/6-m-delta-loop.html


Just completed making a portable 6-10m dual-band vertical for a Challenge contender.


Good luck with your vertical antenna experiments. I would not rely too much on the Youkit, check out the AIM4170.

Night night


Six open right now. All we need now is activations!



It might be open, but not much - as always it depends where you are.


True, but an alert could prompt someone to look and find that they are in luck. I had a window to the central Med but now instead there are a number of stonkingly strong Spanish stations. As always things change rapidly so it is best to keep checking.



Nothing on 6m for me so far today. Its grim up north…

10m is the money band in the challenge at present, plenty of activity coming out of EA2, HB9, OE, G so far today. Short skip on 20m so I expect 6m will open up soon.

73 Phil


I have this page set on my browser.


It’s a good site as, if you sign up, it will send automated e-mails alerting you when stations local to you are being spotted via SpE etc.

73 Richard G3CWI


Billinge Hill G/SP-017 on 6m, 0822 to 0948z:

11 QSOs - 8 SSB, 3 CW.

4 DXCCs: EA6, G, GW, IS0

Billinge Hill G/SP-017 on 10m, 0904 to 0941z:

13 QSOs - 9 SSB, 4 CW.

9 DXCCs: 9A, CT, EA, F, G, GW, I, OE, SM

Winter Hill G/SP-010 on 6m, 1158 to 1210z:

7 QSOs - 5 SSB, 2 CW.

2 DXCCs: G, GW

Winter Hill G/SP-010 on 10m, 1136 to 1153z:

9 QSOs - 6 SSB, 3 CW.

2 DXCCs: G, GW

Looks like whatever Sp. E there was about, disappeared while I was driving through Wigan between the two activations! Nice and easy to flick instantly between the two challenge bands using the 10/6 vertical with groundplane made for me by Richard G3CWI.



Looking forward to hearing more about the antenna Tom / Richard! :wink:



Hi Brian,
made my first ever 6m SOTA contact today with Herbert OE9HRV, using my 2 element mini-tri-bander-beam! I was surprised it worked at all. Time to get the 6m Moxon out of it’s transport box and get it up on the mast. Might as well go on the home station as it wont be used portable (portable operation on 6m not allowed in Germany).

73 Ed.


Hi Tom

If you were running 5 watts then you were doing well working into North Yorkshire - Billinge Hill is 163 Km and Winter Hill 145 Km away from my QTH in IO94of.

73 Phil


Yes, 5 watts from the FT-817 as ever Phil.


Phil, don’t under rate the 817 on six - I got 59 from IS0BSR using the 817 and an HB9CV 2 el antenna. This is so normal I never even mention that I’m QRP. If the Es is right flea power is enough, if it is wrong a big linear doesn’t help!



Presume that was this morning Brian? He was my first contact when I set up on Billinge Hill.


Nothing for me on 6m today, nil pois on that band. 6m can be much harder up north apart from working into Scandinavia, and there aren’t many SOTA stations there compared to DL/HB9/OE/OK etc where a significant number of activators are taking the challenge seriously and spending a long time on summits before moving off. The QSOs I had today were with all stations on 10m - the band was in fine fettle.

I have one myself, and I wouldn’t underrate the FT-817 on 6m or 10m Brian when conditions were as were this morning, and Tom was right - the sporadic e subsided away while he was driving across Wigan.

Did you pick up any pies on your way through Tom? For all you southerners who do not know Wigan is the pie capital of the world…off topic. A good book, receommended reading - Pies and Prejudice - in Search of the North by Stuart Maconie

73 Phil


Yes, 0857 UTC, he was S9 for half an hour (I kept tuning across him) then QSB set in, and then the propagation shifted to EA/CT. Later as I started to wonder whether to look for transatlantic stations the opening started to weaken. What I SHOULD have done was monitor for Es on two…!



6m was dead dead dead DEAD for me today. 10m was dead apart from a few beacons, no signals to chase.

20m was good this morning from France but was quite pish by afternoon when I sat on the French / Belgian border fro ON-006 and F/NO-047. Hrrrmph!

Off to drink, er… what country am I in now (been to Luxembourg, France, Belgium, France and… ah yes, Belgium so time for Belgian beer. :slight_smile: