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Thanks VK


In reply to G0VOF:

Hi Mark,

You probably made the right decision to stay in the shack. The thermometer refused to rise above 1° Celsius on Billinge Hill and the wind was very cold. Thanks for the spots and the nice signal report. Probably no SOTA tomorrow, the WX looks pretty wet all day in this part of the world :frowning:

Once the WX improves (much less wind), I may drag the 10m fishing pole out of retirement and give that another go. Once again quite a heavy antenna (nothing like the A-99 and poles) but it does get 33 feet of wire in the air.

73 Mike


In reply to G6TUH:
Hi Mike 2E0YYY and Mike G6TUH

Have permission from the land owner to activate VK2/SM-093 a 6 point summit. I will look at activating this summit after work, around 0700 UTC.

Have posted an alert for Wednesday.

Andrew, VK1NAM


In reply to VK1NAM:

Today’s weather forecast for VK1 and the SM region is for thunderstorms. I may have to cancel, lets see how the day plays out.


Andrew, VK1NAM


In reply to VK1NAM:
Hello Andrew,
Well good luck.

There was coverage on the TV just now
about the lost plane and they went on to describe the
weather for OZ.

Night night/ g day
Mike G6TUH


In reply to VK1NAM:

In reply to VK1NAM:

Today’s weather forecast for VK1 and the SM region is for
thunderstorms. I may have to cancel, lets see how the day plays out.

Cheers Andrew,

I’ll check in the morning and see if your alert is cancelled.

73 Mike


Todays activation of GW/NW-076 was just one of those days really. Arrived at the summit later than I had planned, found the 20m band out of shape and then I noticed the FT-857 was showing high SWR. Swapping a patch lead cured the high SWR problem, unfortunately there was no cure for the 20m band.

After my self spot, first in the log was Tony VK3CAT, followed by Mariusz, SP9AMH and then Gerard VK2IO. Signals were generally down with Don G0RQL commenting on the poor shape of the band. Nevertheless, I pressed on, logging a total of 22 contacts on 20m, ten of them VK. Good to see Greg VK8GM from Alice Springs in the Northern Territories, making the log again, for what is normally a very difficult SOTA region to find. I just need the Holy Grail, VK9 contact to complete the set.

A visit to 15m found only 5 takers one of them being Ricky MW6GWR/P up on HuMP GWH/NW-025.

12m was the pits, with just three contacts logged one of them VU2RBI who wasn’t exactly rushed off his feet.

My first visit to the 40m band for some time found about 20 contacts.

A final visit to the 12m produced only a dozen contacts, the highlight being Matt VK2DAG, on what was basically a disappointing band.

Seems to me the 12m band is opening later and later.

65 contacts logged, 11 of them VK, with not a single North American station making my log. s2s contacts with Tom M1EYP, Allan GW4VPX, Ricky MW6GWR, Barry M0IML, Juergen OE4JHW and Rod M0JLA/P.

Thanks to all the chasers…

73 Mike


In reply to 2E0YYY:
Hello Mike,

Thanks for the contact today.

For the short time you were up there not a bad tally at all especially the dx at different angles VK and VU. Without looking at my log (which is on a different PC in the house) I do not think I have worked a VU on 12M…

I agree about 12M being later and later especially towards NA. 10M seems to be talking earlier.

I am glad Denis in ZS land has now included 10M in his list for tomorrow because I think 20 at 12ish here in EU would have been a problem with QRM, perhaps less so in Canada at that time.

Anyway time for the evening meal soon.

Night night
Mike G6TUH

Edit update: Meal eaten ! I was right VU for me on 40m, 20m and 15m - not 12m!


In reply to 2E0YYY:

Hi Mike,

much different conditions as last week here. last week i had a lot of uk stations in the log on 20m…this morning only a few. after i had seen your spot i listen on your rx for a s2s as last week with good reports. but i heared you only very very weak in the noise. i try´ed it two more times, but conditions say´s no to a s2s qso…first i thinked my antenna was not ok. it was a simple halfwave wire 10mtrs long with the feedpoint at about also 10mtrs over ground supported by a bleach tree. also not so many VK qso´s here in the log as the many VK´s last week. Some VK´s had really S9 signals on my rig.At the end a VK5 called in, very very weak…in that moment conditions going down. SRI for that,maybe next time agn !

so hope for another s2s and good luck in your fb dx work, and thanks to the chasers !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:
Hello Klaus 8)

Just finished watching Masterchef on TV. I am not sure if you have this programme in Germany.

I did listen for you on 20 today but just got fragments - I was very surprised about the propagation and I thought maybe you had your antenna in a different position away from UK.

I came here to the computer and other equipment to shut down but before I thought I would reply.

Best wishes.


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus,

I saw your spot and had a listen on your frequency. Same problem, 20m band conditions were not so good. I could hear you but not good enough to make a s2s contact.
Thanks for trying.

73 Mike


In reply to 2E0YYY:
Hello Mike,
it was a pleasure to fire up vk8 for the log and maybe this new part of our hobby seems to be the friendly side after sitting back and listering to some of the standards set by hams l really hope the code of conduct is followed here as l’m over the "CB " type of hams out there not giving any respect for other ops.
We will try to find some hills which points back into EU as the weather is now coming down to the lower 30’s and the fly’s might qrt.
73 from the center of Australia
Greg vk8gm


Similar observations here. Starting a 12m activation as late as 1150z, I was expecting NA to be in the log from the beginning. However, it wasn’t until 1408 that I heard Guy N7UN for the 1st NA contact. In total, there were just six calls from NA, with all signals down on the usual (except Guy who was as strong as ever).

Amazingly, no call from Rich N4EX - most unusual!



Very sorry to all the VK callers who tried to work me on 20m this morning. The band was a total zoo. I was QRV and self spotted by 0635z and gave up at 0648, the contest qrm was diabolical. Well done to the DX calls of Paul VK5PAS, Matt VK2DAG, Ernie VK3DET and Matt VK1MA, for making the contact on a very difficult 20m band.

A visit to 17m found not only the band full of contest refugees, but suffering some nasty QRM from what I suspect may have been from the radio tower at the summit. This may well explain why there’s been so little activity on the 17m band of a summit which has been activated 150 times. Once again, I could make out some VK’s calling but I just couldn’t pull them out.

Well done to Adam VK2YK and Gerard VK2IO for making the trip on 17m as well as W2RS in Arizona at 0707! Wonderful to find Greg VK8GM once again, not forgetting Matt VK1MA and Adam VK2YK also, Matt VK2DAG for another band. Matt was then followed in by Bill KL7IDA in Alaska at 0732z with a booming signal! Surely, radio don’t come much better than this.

I really didn’t fancy 12 Metres so early, but once again the the 2 Matts VK2DAG and VK1MA both made the trip for a hat trick of bands, many thanks for such a great effort guys.

79 contacts for the activation.

11 contacts on 20m before chucking the towel in.
20 contacts on 12m
48 Contacts on 17m

Once again, thanks to all the chasers for calling in.

73 Mike


In reply to 2E0YYY:
Mike, I could hear you on 17m but really the QRM was huge and your signal on my 20m dipole was barely copyable. Andrew VK1NAM found himself surrounded by a thunderstorm with big local strikes and a deluge of rain, so extracted himself from the situation. Just been chatting with him on 40m.
Andrew VK1DA/2UH


Worked vk today, never worked vk before!
Got vk5cz and vk3ghz in my log, and had another vk calling (doesnt remember the call), but he didnt hear my when i gave him his rst.
1,5-2w with kx1, and aprox 9700miles! Thanks vk’s!!



In reply to LA5XTA:
Many congratulations Erik - well done indeed.

I am sorry that you no longer go onto SSB. You did well today with the contest on 8) I decided not to even try and chase summits today because of the QRM.

But it was a nice sunny day here and I have done some jobs in the garden and elsewhere.

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH (8-12WPM fist 8( )


In reply to G6TUH:
After i got a kx1, the kx3 seems so bulky in the backpack…
And the kx1atu tunes a twig dipped in water…
I know, im lazy…

Erik LA5XTA (12-15wpm)


In reply to LA5XTA:
So the wet string theory is possible with a kx1 hi.
Nice to work you Erik I could read you quite well on my ic 7400 which has nice cw filters. No pre amp and filter set on 500 soft it works very nice and my 7 element Log Periodic up 50 feet. I have two Log PA a smaller one I use for 24 to 50 MHz home made it works fb too. I live out of town and we have under ground power to the house that is another bonus here in Ham Heaven .
73 de Ian vk5cz …


In reply to VK5CZ:

What’s the odds a VE and VK would call me at the same time. I knew there was something with a K in it under VE1WT when you called. You started to QSB away when I called VK? (sent more in hope than anything else). And there you were. Thanks for the call Ian. I was using a barefoot 817 and a 1/4GP, feed is about 2m AGL.



In reply to LA5XTA:
I am always looking for you Erik. But last night a massive electrical storm came through forcing me to leave the shack.