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Testing 80m inv V - on 3.7 now


Hi, im testing mmy SOTA 80m inv. V at the moment, but the band is absolutely dead.

If anyones got a moment to pop onto 3.700 MHz and give me a shout i’d be most grateful


Martin G7MRV

(just grabbing a cuppa first!)


In reply to G7MRV:

Thanks for the quick QSO Martin, difficult conditions on 80m at the moment which is probably why the band is very quiet but you were up to 56 here in Blackburn.


Mark G0VOF


Could just hear audio from both sides but not workable from Devon due to band conditions. Don.


In reply to G0VOF:

Many thanks Mark, at least its a nice day for sitting on the grass playing with antennas!

well, ive found what i think are workable values and dimensions for it. Its resonant at 3.675MHz, which i thinks pretty usable, 2:1 SWR bandwidth is about 200kHz, which i think sounds about right. 7m seems the limit for hight on the windjammer pole. Just getting the pole stable took some working out!

It is a shame the bands so dead at the moment, only heard 2 other QSOs on 80m all day! But, its the middle of the day, in the middle of the year… and im using an MKARS-80 transceiver, so only about 5w tx, no AGC, no tight filters.

Interesting that you heard us Don, maybe if the wife lets me leave it up until this evening i can see how the band changes

Cheers chaps

Martin G7MRV


In reply to G7MRV:

Hi Martin,

If you are very new to 80m then I would definitely try to persuade your XYL to let you leave the antenna up this evening, you will notice a world of difference. Currently the band changes most between 7PM & 8PM local time so listening around those times will be informative.

80m really is a winter band so well done with 5 Watts in summer daytime!


Mark G0VOF


In reply to G0VOF:
Not particularly new Mark, just forced to operate at daft times due to family and work. Im off work at the moment (end of a run of shifts) so i get to play during the day. Once shes home ive the kids to deal with.

As you say, its really a winter band. The only proviso i could add to that is sunday mornings if theres a decent number of special event stations about! But its the only HF band i have any portable equipment for at the moment! I need to build something for 20m i think

Just heard a strong signal, but couldnt tune it in - took me a while to realise i was trying to tune in LSB the Netherlands coastguard! :-0