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Telescopic poles - what do you use?


I’ve noticed alot of the travel poles are light “Tenkara” trout rods. Most don’t seem to have an eyelets. How are most holding verticals or dipoles up?


I soldered a large solder tag to the end of my vertical, it slips over the end of the pole and lodges a few inches down.


I cut the (very thin, whippy) top section off to give a stub that protrudes about 2" from the top joint, which I glue in place. This is short enough not to interfere with fitting the bung when collapsed. Then I use a small cable tie, adjusted to the right size, to slip over the stub and hold the fishing swivel that I use at the attachment point of all my aerials - it ledges nicely on the joint.


I use about a 3-inch length of 300-ohm window line (twinlead) that I weave the pole tip through. I can then pass wires through the holes in the window line or attach the end of the vertical wire to it.


Hi Jon,
This appears to be the same pole that is available from Lambdahalbe in Germany, which I have had two of them for a few years now, I can highly recommend.




Any chance you can take a picture of this? That sounds like what I’m looking for.


how I do mine is shown (in pictures) here:


Loop made from single core 1.2mm copper wire. Soldered and then filed inside with a ratstail file so nothing rough. Another loop with top of vertical radiating wire attached. Inside diameter of loop that slips over telescopic pole is 4.5mm. Slides about 1/2 way down top section of 5 section 5m pole.


When I’m out for several days and in a tent I use a Hengsheng 5.4 m carbon pole from Amazon:

Hengsheng 5,4 / 17.72ft Carbon tragbaren Teleskop Angelrute Ultralight Mini Pole Reisezielfischprogramme https://www.amazon.de/dp/B018HXG9VU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_dF8YAbK7F44VQ

I used epoxy to glue the two top sections together making it a bit stiffer. The poles come with a bit of cord glued to the end. I use that to tie the antenna holder to the top of the pole:

It’s just a bit of plastic folder threaded onto the small ring connector from a usb stick; weight = 0 grams! When I’m out for the day I use a 10m grp travel mast. For the antenna holder I use the rubber grip section from a ball point pen fed onto a mini carabiner:

I put a bit of heatshrink onto one of the top sections of the mast to get a good grip.

   de OE6FEG / M0FEU


It was a bit painful getting there… but here it is! Cable tie is just above the joint it ledges on.

73 de Paul G4MD


…trying to get my kit together this was all that I found here in Canada, but I am impressed! They are now $30/each, I bought 2…tried to order poles from the UK and Europe but they won’t ship here (you gotta fix that, folks!), and even the Wonderpoles had to be picked up or it would have cost 1.5x the cost of the pole in shipping alone!

I find this whole pole-thing amusing. Years ago I picked up a couple of DVD’s at a Dollar Store…Pole Fishing with Brits Bob Nudd and Billy Makins…WHAT’S THIS? I thought…never seen grown men using POLES? But entertaining. Well all these years later and now I bought two 20’ Wonderpoles and lo and behold I come across this gal out of Ontario showing me how to FISH with them…and she’s now my favourite fishing channel!!!

The strangeness of this life cannot be measured.

(Can’t wait to put them on the air, though…)


Yes. The store that used to sell them here in Montreal has closed its doors unfortunately. And I couldn’t find another local source. I did find them on amazon.ca for $40 shipped, but that’s still twice as much as they cost me 6 years ago.
Shakespear Wonderpole at Amazon.ca