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SSTV qrv - a surprising success


Today I will try a sstv qso from a summit. I you are qrv in sstv please stay tuned.
73 Chris


Keep up updated! I have that VC-H1 and have always fantasized of trying SSTV summit portable with that or the iphone.


Thank you for the surprising support during my SSTV attempt today. I have never run a SSTV QSO before certainly not from a summit.

I used the Android App SSTV Encoder from Olga Miller as encoder, and the Robot36 app from Ahmet Inan as the decoder. The audio transmission to the TRX takes place acoustically, I held the phone to the microphone or speaker.

Here my original picture taking by my phone.

This pic is unintentional
simultaneously encoded and decoded by the smartphone

This is the pic I received from Danny

Danny get this pic from me and send it to me via email (tnx!)

Francois, on5swa also received me (tnx!)

To my surprise, I also got a qrp call from Mariusz

Unfortunately, I do not recognize this caller (Tick, Trick or Track?)

73 Chris