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Spring W4 SOTA Campout April 19-22, 2018


We are going to be camping right beside a river, so it is very likely we could get on the air and make some contacts from riverside as well!


Good infos on some of the summits.not sure if I seen this one posted but an easy drive up W4T/WV-002 white top mtn is a favorite of mine for 2m action.

For activators in the area 146.700 no tone repeater on Holston Mtn is a high profile repeater with lots of SOTA support for spotting , coordinating and chat.


One Week Warning!!!

I guess it is actually less than that since many will be showing up on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. If anyone is hearing about this for the first time or have decided to get off the fence and join us, there are plenty of campsites left. We will have in attendance everything from freshly licensed hams all the way up to 8 Mountain Goats plus we will be welcoming at least two new Mountain Goats to the herd over the weekend. Attendees will be coming from as far north as New Hampshire and as far west as Alabama. This is going to be epic!

73, pat - KI4SVM


Time for me to get everything packed up and into the truck so I can hit the road. I know that everyone hasn’t alerted yet, but here are the activations that I know are being planned at the moment.



The W4 SOTA Campout has officially begun! Bob-A1CZ and his wife Karen, KB1RJC/RJD-Herm and Merle, KI4TN-Ron and K1Liz-Liz and myself are ready to settle in for the night at the campground and hit the summits tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone else this weekend.

Good night and 73, pat-KI4SVM