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SOTA summit hike in the Thuringian Forest


Hi all,

on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I’m in the Thuringian Forest. (DM / TH). I’m going from one mountain to climb and bike and activate various summits. I have my 2x 10m long wire antenna for 7MHz and also the handheld radio for 2m & 70cm in FM.



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Wish you a very good fun. Here so much working. I miss SOTA :-))


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Hello Roger,

the SOTA fever has gripped me, but 1x a year I can even take 2 or 3 days off from the job and my family and to travel through the mountains. I hope for good weather and lots of fun SOTA.



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Short Activity report:

the weather has me today scotched the bill. It rained all afternoon and stormed strong. But this morning and in the afternoon I could still a few peaks in the eastern Thuringian forest - enable mountains. Tomorrow I will go into the central and western highlands, and enable me there several peaks. I hope for better weather.

Thanks to all cheaser.



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Thanks for the QSO today, Jörg. You are really unlucky with the weather: I activated DM/TH-099, DM/TH-012, DM/TH-135, DM/TH-143 last weekend enjoying the last warming sunbeams. I felt quite busy doing four summits in two days. I wonder how you manage to do six summits a day - propably the unfriendly weather helps in this case.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


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Hi Michael,

That’s easy, I’ve got all day. From morning 8 to evening 20pm. Aufau on the summit is very fast, because I work with a 2x10m long wire. Which is very fast and effectively suspended between two trees. Very often I take my bike. Since I’m not much faster at the top, but for MUCH faster down again and it’s fun.
Since I’m only SSB, the pileup is usually after 10 minutes passed and no one there rift. Thus to mine and to the next summit biking or hiking.

Regards Jörg

Hallo Michael,

Das ist ganz einfach, ich habe den ganzen Tag Zeit. Von morgens 8 bis Abends 20Uhr. Der Aufau am Gipfel geht sehr schnell, da ich mit einem 2x10m Langdraht arbeite. Der ist sehr schnell und effektiv zwischen zwei Bäumen aufgehangen. Sehr häufig nehme ich mein Bike. Da bin ich zwar nicht viel schneller auf dem Gipfel, aber dafür VIEL schneller wieder runter und es macht Spass.
Da ich nur SSB mache, ist das Pileup auch nach meistens 10min vorbei und es rift niemand mehr. Somit kann ich abbauen und auf den nächsten Gipfel biken oder wandern.

Viele Grüße Jörg


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Here the pics from my Tour yesterday:



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All Pics from my 3 days SOTA Tour here:


I look forward to many “like” :slight_smile: