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SOTA SSB Calling Frequencies?


Hmm, operating on VLF ??

I think you meant to type 21.285 MHz or 21285KHz. Funny reason that 100KHz higher is free - that’s because it’s out of band (or was that the (joking) point?).



ORLY? 21.000 MHz – 21.450 MHz


[quote=“N1EU, post:18, topic:11259”]14.285 is often occupied by one USA net or another[/quote]Sounds a bit like the situation with the IARU EmComms CoA on 14.300 and certain US nets…

[quote=“MM0FMF, post:22, topic:11259”]ORLY? 21.000 MHz – 21.450 MHz[/quote]The original message (as you quoted) said this:

[quote=“N1EU, post:18, topic:11259”]I think 21.285KHz[/quote](An error since corrected. :wink: )




Above 14.300 early in the morning is where I tend to head for. Then it’s just a case of avoiding the nets. The Maritime Mobile net got very irate one morning, when I was working a VK pile-up on “their frequency” and were somewhat annoyed when I was reluctant QSY.

73 Mike


There is always a conflict between recommended frequencies in North America vs those recommended in Europe.

Many Pixie and RockMite kits are supplied with 7023 kHz crystals. However, in Europe the centre of QRP activity on 40m CW is 7030 kHz. (7023 kHz is used by RAOTA for their weekly CW nets … not QRP).

I think part of the problem is that, in the USA, different classes of license have different frequency allocations.

Walt (G3NYY)


Idiot Edward! - looked at 14 MHz instead of 21MHz! my excuse - Band plan here is in German (not that, that affects the numbers).


Argggggggh, don’t get me started about damn nets! There is a bunch here in VK that use 7093 which should be OK for 7090 given a full 3KHz difference, but some of them are to put it politely rather wide of signal. Suffice it to say that I usually refer to it as the splatter net.



To me if freq is occupied, its occupied, no matter whom SUPPOSEDLY owns the freq. But they seem to forget Sota station don’t usually stay long let alone all day and most of them are Low powered. Cause one thing that does get up my nose is being bullied off by a bigger station. Respect for the freq in use is what I live by, if its in use find another or join in.



When in doubt I tend to refer to: https://vk1nam.wordpress.com/sota-operating-frequencies/

Sorry to create a zombie threat, I was looking for any 15m suggestions when I was reminded of Andrew (VK1AD, AKA VK1NAM) and then found this post.

Obviously, they relate to VK1 and are only a guide but have yet to lead me astray…