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SOTA-Link Project


I have now disconnected the bridge from FCS4-20 and it’s back between DMR and FCS4-73. I will be away for a few days but I will leave the link up. please report here if anyone manages to make a QSO between the two systems over the bridge.


AnyTone have recently released the AT D868UV. Its a dual band Tier 2 HH. Around the $160 USD mark. They are proving popular. I just got one from Hong Kong.


In Sydney (VK2) I dont believe that there are any BM repeaters, they are all (I think) DMARC. I’ll need to get a hotspot going. Give me a week or two to visit my fav Hong Kong on line shops.



This is great! I’ll add the TG to my radio tonight.

73, Rex KE6MT


Hi Richard & all. Very interested in this. DMR coverage is very good on the North Wales coast and down to Chester. We have GB7PN in Prestatyn, GB7LI in Liverpool and GB7HM on Hope Mountain, but they are on Phoenix network (also known as DMR MARC UK) rather than Brandmeister. No idea how this could link up, but I can edit my codeplugs and run tests. Would be great to get it working as it would be accessible from a lot of NW summits. Cheers and thanks for spending time on this project.


For those interested - there are a couple of podcasts on DMR basics here:


It starts to look as if DMR is going to be the Digital voice mode with the most coverage. Great if more people combine all of the main digital modes as Richard is doing however.

73 Ed.


I borrowed a hotspot the other night. Called no one home…


New dmr repeater coming on soon in Inverness. GB7BI


I was away in Budapest without a radio but I noticed your call on the system log. I am now back and I have restarted the experimental the link between C4FM FCS04-73 and DMR BM TG 973. I was going to leave it on while I was away but someone pointed out that it might break.


OK. Im not near a hot spot now. Mine is on its way from Honkers.


I notice that ML&S has a deal on openSPOTS here in the UK. They provide a handy way to access the SOTA-Link infrastructure if you already have a DMR/C4FM radio.


Those wishing to checkout multimode access to CQ-UK, info via www.cq-uk.com Richard and we would be happy to help you in anyway with the SOTA-Link Project…

Kindest regards

Stuart M0SGS CQ-UK Admin


Hi Roger

It looks a like DCS033S could be transcoded by the server to link to DMR BM TG973. Is that something that you could investigate?


Another step forward.


Hello Richard.
Ok , I will let you know.



Serious offers only! :blush:


I knew that it was just a matter of time before you threw your hat in the ring.


ROTFL :laughing:


I wondered if I should perhaps pay a bit more interest in digital FM radio and found this link explaining “Yaesu System Fusion”. https://systemfusion.yaesu.com/what-is-system-fusion/
The opening of the short video says
“While conventional FM has a number of excellent features which continue to provide substantial advantages over digital modulations such as Low battery consumption and greater distance capability”
Yaesu are not really selling it to me as an occasional portable user.


Was there an echolink node or conference for sota ?