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SOTA Fundraising


With the recent move of Barry GM4TOE into new accommodation, and the subsequent reduction in stock, it seems it is time for us to help SOTA out by fundraising. I’ve been working very hard to collate everything together, and I can now provide the SOTA community with an excellent opportunity to help:



Thanks, I think.


Thanks for the inclusion in July, apparently, under the “Alpine effect” “Aged, Mature” (AM) people ARE allowed as long as they don’t measure more than 2.7cm and should have a one-sided personality!

Sechs (pronounced sex) meters are still not allowed outside the home in Germany.



Andrew, we’d have to look long and hard to find a better bargain!



How does Germany cater for it’s Grey Nomads? I presume they have them in some form or other.


Where are you measuring from? :smiley: