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SOTA Fun Evening - 2m FM & SSB


Now you’ve gone and spoiled the fun Barry.


HF contests must be 59 as it’s in the rules. Check out the rules for RSGB club calls contest.

I would agree with Tom on UKAC…my reports usually start off being all 5/9 but by the end of the contest they are getting progressively worse as yo seek out those harder stations.


So, all the British stations break their rules on a Tuesday night? I never got a 59 report on a Tuesday from across the channel. In fact, only German stations give always 59 on a Tuesday activity night. :stuck_out_tongue:



No. I think that extract has been quoted out of context. I expect that was to show the format of the report, rather than the compulsory report! In any case, this was not extracted from the Tuesday night AC rules, but from those for a different contest altogether.


Extract from the RSGB VHF Contest General Rules:
“The contest exchange consists of at least both callsigns, RS(T) signal reports followed by a serial number, and the IARU locator. Particular contests may require additional information to be exchanged as described in the individual contest rules.”