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SOTA Fun Evening - 2m FM & SSB


I was chatting to Barry on the dog’n’bone at the time and he played me OY6BEC on 70cms at 59+ whilst he was beaming 60degs off target! Outrageous!


How many G’s think the same? I wonder if there will be any activity in the UKAC tonight anyway or are they’re all gonna watch the match?:thinking:



What match? Hope to be out


It doesn’t look too bad for you hopefully lucky devils: According to DXmaps, GM4ZJI just’ve had three 144 MHz SSB QSOs to the continent.

Will be out on DM/NW-135 and using DP9X.



Not that many. I get the impression that most radio amateurs here are not interested in football, so you should be OK for some potential G activity.

I hear that DL activity will not be affected by the World Cup at all…


I shall be going to a friends to watch the match (as I don’t have a TV) and hope to stop off on the way home and work a few stations. Will not be a SOTA tonight.
Let’s hope there is No extra time, and definately NO PENALTIES as this would leave little time to operate.


Let me correct that… are not that interested in football.

More so not that interested in England ( I was born in England of mixed Scottish/English ancestry and now live in Scotland). I’m not that interested in Scotland either. Shall we say, I’d like to see both teams do well. I vaguely remember my aunt and uncle coming over to watch the 1966 final in our house. Well I remember everyone watching football during one summer day and they were all very happy, I was 4 I think.

But having seen England in the last 12 World Cups (apart from when they didn’t qualify!) I have learnt the only thing you can rely on the English team to do is to disappoint you. 48 years of previous performances teaches you that. This time they stand more of a chance than most times as many of the better teams have already “done an England” and self destructed.

For me however, they have already won whether they get no further or get their hands of the trophy. The highlight of those last 48 years was watching the German national team loose 2 : 0 to South Korea and go out before the knockout stages. That is solid gold that will never tarnish. I have to smile now just thinking about it. Actually smile is an understatement. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

And Argentina are out early-ish, which is always pleasing.

I’ll be happy for England to do well but if they don’t then that’s normal and is only to be expected. In which case I can happily support France to go all the way.

Bitter and twisted… moi? Mais oui!


You’re right, England’s the most overrated team in the world.

The highlight of those last 48 years was watching the German national team loose 2 : 0 to South Korea and go out before the knockout stages.

What exactly did England do to achieve this? So, nothing more than winning the world championship in their own country by a goal that even wasn’t one. :joy:



Absolutely nothing. I don’t think you understand. When your national team (really England than Scotland) has been so dismal, lack lustre and generally rubbish on the world scene for 52 years, you no longer really support them. Instead you look at field and decide who you don’t want to win and support their opponents. Of the teams left, I can happily support any of the remaining teams for the win. France, England, Columbia, Croatia, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden or Switzerland. They’d all be good. And Argentina, Germany and Italy wont be champions. It’s sweet already and may get sweeter. Probably wont. But hey, we’re used to that here.


I don’t think you understand.

No I don’t and I don’t want to, as I think it’s not sportsman like. When Sweden kicked Italy out I was glad that Sweden plays the championship. I wasn’t happy that Italy’s been kicked out. And I wont go out singing and cheering the day that England is out.


Sporting rivalry is good. The fact that we English are so delighted Germany and Argentina are out, is in fact the biggest compliment you can pay to our two most fearsome international footballing rivals in my lifetime.


Personally I’m not sure that an international forum such as this is the appropriate place for any nationalistic jingoism (especially when translations can lead to subtle nuances of intent to be misunderstood). Maybe that’s because I don’t follow football (overpaid prima donnas IMHO).
Rugby now - there’s a sport😉. I’ve lived in all the countries of the “United” Kingdom and place more value on the quality of the game I’m watching than who wins.
Good luck to England, may the best team win!


I’m not really into watching sport (sport is for DOING, not watching, in my book) but as I see it there is a progression in the activity levels in the common sports. Football shares with hockey the distinction of being the most active. Rugby is a bit more stop and start, American football is more stop than start (probably to give a slow audience time to digest the explosive bursts of action!) and then you come to cricket. Unless you have an interest in strategy cricket is like watching paint drying, but I have so I rather like it - but then I used to play chess in the local league! My real sport? Rock climbing. Vertical ballet! Shame I’m too old for it now.:disappointed:


The duct to the Isles wasn’t as good as in June, only 3 G-stations in the log.
On the other hand, even with the antenna pointing west the LA’s were louder than the G’s. :metal: