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SOTA DX just in time


Thursday, May 17th. 2018.

I left work at 13h46 (local) 11h46 utc for lunch.
Parked the car in the street close to my QTH.
Bought a piece of bread like this imagen
Got in the appartment, was greeted by Lucho, our dog, to whom I corresponded with caress.
Put my starter in the microwave imagen
and in the mean time, I went to the shack.
Switched on my IC-706 and heard a well known SOTA chaser from Germany (DL1FU) just ending his SOTA QSO with… (no idea) but he called him Keith.
I listen carefully at his over and realized that weak, but I could copy the activator.
Without yet knowing who he was, I called and got picked up right away.
I received his signal report. I confirmed the reception and sent mine. Then 73 and TU.
Good QSO.
My laptop had fully bootted by that time and I could see on SOTAwatch that it was Keith @KR7RK activating a 10 pointer in Virginia (W4V/GC-001).
What a great news!!!
What a great DX just in time!!! ==> 6683 Km!
Got back to work after lunch with a smile in my face :slight_smile:
Thanks Keith for the activation and your great ears.
I chased you with 50 watts and my endfed wire in the balcony.




Hello Guru,

thank you for the QSO last week! I was so happy to put you into my log!

I was on a trip to the Dayton Hamvention and decided to do some exploring and activating while I was there. Before the event, I activated 3 Kentucky and 1 Virginia summit, and then after it was over I activated 3 Ohio and 2 Indiana summits. It was a lot of driving around (almost 2500km) but I had so much fun!

I was running my usual SOTA setup, a KX2 with KXPA100 amp at 90 watts, feeding an Aerial 51 OCF dipole with the apex up about 20 feet.

Here’s a couple of photos from W4V/GC-001. This summit is deep in the heart of America’s coal mining region.

Keith KR7RK


So was I, Keith! You made my day!
This is the great reciprocity thing with ham radio and particularly with SOTA: both activators and chasers feel really pleased and greatful with the QSO. Even more when DX!