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Does exist a SOTA Total DB on a xls. file Anywhere?
Or does anyone made a xls with all SOTAs /all associations?
I want to implement a SOTA DB to my user database of winlog32 software and need the total DB on xls file.
Pls direct me to the source if exist.

Tnx 73 and HNY Mary christmes all!

Eyran 4X4-2238




That’s it
Tnx Christophe for directing!
73 Eyran.


You might want to check the already existing SOTA related software before spending time on a new feature:


If you need a printed list, you can use this: http://on6zq.be/p/y/sotalist


Tnx Christophe
Im using Saisie log as well already, just thought to implement all sota db also to my winlog32 user database that ive created a long ago for Colin G0CUZ, the feature already exist just will add a SOTA db to it too.
TNX Again