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SOTA database down


The SOTA database is down at present. I’ve advised Andy MM0FMF of this via email, hopefully it will be a glitch that he can easily fix.

73 Phil


SOTA database now running again. Think you must have been into it Andy and fixed it. Many thanks.

73 Phil


Looks to be back up now. (07:44 UTC)


Well… something is on the fritz in my work network at our European data centre in Munich which means I have had very intermittent connectivty this morning. They have fixed non-internal connectivity which means the internet is back but most of my work machines on the compute farm are still unreachable. What a poor show, I’ll have to listen to Jimmy Smith (Root Down at present) on YouTube till they fix the problem. :grin:

By the time I could get online and received Phil’s email it was back up. Probably the hosts needed to put another tanner in the meter. (Or Lev in this case.)


Boo! Hiss! The compute farm is up again. I’ll have to do some work :frowning: